Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Doubles Wednesday #1: eos Everyday Cucumber Hand Lotion (review)

I’ve had tons of energy all day (which is kind of mysterious since I had trouble sleeping). All that extra energy came in very handy at the gym, though. I was not in the mood to go; but I have some wonderful support. So I got there, and now I feel refreshed...and still fairly perky.

None of this has anything whatsoever to do with beauty products – except for my cheesy tie-in to a refreshing new item from eos (evolution of smooth).

NEW Everyday Hand Lotion - Cucumber Scent (Refresh)

Blurb: Leave your skin feeling touchably soft for hours with this natural, fast-absorbing hand lotion. Designed to fit in your purse, your pocket, or on your desk, eos looks as good as it feels on your skin. Infused with moisturizing shea butter, oat extract, and a generous helping of antioxidants and vitamins C and E, eos hand lotion will leave your skin feeling soft, supple and radiantly healthy long after you apply it.

eos products are designed to pretty, stylish, fun and effective; and they absolutely succeed. The packaging is so fabulous, it almost deserves its own review. It’s slim, lightweight, flips open easily, closes securely, fits just about anywhere, and looks adorable. I love taking this out of my purse!

The formula is also excellent. The cucumber fragrance is fresh and pretty, and the (97% natural, paraben-free, phthalate-free, hypoallergenic, etc.) lotion felt wonderful going on, absorbed right away and kept my hands smooth and soft for hours.

And just look at it!

Ahem…you can look at a whole slew of adorable/effective items by visiting the website. If you want to see them up close, take a look at the where to buy section. eos is available at drugstores, grocery stores and

(ftc disclosure: sample/product received from manufacturer or representative)

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