Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Fragrant Dash: Soap and Paper Factory Solid Perfumes (review)

Another dash because I have to rush out to an event tonight. Which is a perfect excuse to write about one of my new favorite go-to on-the-go products. From The Soap & Paper Factory.

Solid Perfume (in "Gardenia," "Jasmine," and "Midnight")

Blurb: Our beautiful solid perfumes are a sexy way to fragrance yourself. Just apply to your pulse points as often as you wish, or dig deep and use as a pomade (because it's great for your hair). Pure jojoba, beeswax and signature fragrances make this an elegant way to fragrance yourself every minute of the day! This is our best selling item!

Three of these little fabulous, heavenly scents are waiting in my purse right now. As soon as I post this review; I’m going to open up one of the pretty, portable, re-usable tins and apply one of these wonderful fragrances to my pulse points. I may even smooth a little bit in my hair.

Too much information? I think not. (I am a blogger after all.) The point is that solid fragrances are genuinely awesome. Perfume in solid form won’t spill or leak; and it’s perfect for purse, desk drawer, gym bag, etc.

And…they smell heavenly! There are 14 perfumes to choose from, and each is handcrafted with essential oils, jojoba and beeswax (and without parabens, phthalates, or petrochemicals). “Gardenia” is a very potent, slightly spicy scent (known to be an aphrodisiac). “Jasmine” is absolutely gorgeous, sweet, rich and very feminine. Lately, I’ve been seriously loving jasmine-scented anything, and “Midnight” is probably my hands down favorite. It was inspired by a specific jasmine patch in San Francisco (my homeland); and it’s a slightly subtler, sweeter version of the Jasmine scent. It’s unbelievably gorgeous (and mighty sexy if you ask me).

Visit the website to learn about the other 11 scents, and take a look at the Patch NYC collection while you’re there. If you feel like letting your nose do the browsing, click on the store listing page. Soap & Paper Factory products are also available at Barney's New York, anthropologie, C.O. Bigelow, and BeautyHabit.

(ftc disclosure: sample/product received from manufacturer or representative)

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