Monday, May 23, 2011

Getting Started: Nair’s “Step Out” Challenge

Nair is inviting everyone to “bag the blade” for a week. And win stuff!

Nair Launches Annual “Step Out” Challenge

Nair announces the launch of the annual Nair "Step Out Challenge," inviting women (and, for the first time, men!) to "bag the blade" for a week and use Nair for a chance to win prizes.

Women and men can visit to enter and share how Nair lets them step out with confidence. Those who give their testimonial can instantly win prizes:

· A free download – Enter a written testimonial will receive one free music download from a select list of artists from Grooveshark.

· A year of music – Enter a video testimonial will receive a free one-year subscription to Grooveshark Anywhere (a $90 value!), a music-streaming website.

· Grand Prize - One lucky winner chosen from the video and written testimonial submissions will receive a music lover's dream all-expense paid weekend trip for two to a major concert of their choice, including airfare, transportation and accommodations.

To help stay smooth, check out the new Nair products that are currently on shelves:

· Nair Milk & Honey Roll-On Wax – A microwavable sugar wax with milk and honey extracts.

· Nair Cool Gel – The first gel depilatory from Nair; provides a unique cooling sensation and has a fresh, cool scent.

· Nair Silky Sensations Sensitive – A new depilatory with added moisturizers that is specially formulated for sensitive skin.

· Nair for Men Shower Power – A depilatory for men that works while you shower. The first men’s product in the Nair Shower Power line.

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