Monday, May 2, 2011

May Monday Marvelousness: Royal Bridal Beauty

I was so impressed by how perfect Kate Middleton looked. From her exquisite gown to her flawless complexion. Check out these suggestions for your own Royal glow…

Kate's Bridal Beauty Prep

Last Friday, the whole world watched as Kate Middleton married Prince William. While much has been said about Kate’s fashion style, little has been noted about her bridal beauty preparation.

Global Bridal Beauty traditions differ in each section of the globe- but most importantly brides want smooth, glowing, radiant skin for a day that will be captured forever. Take a look at how Royalty prepares for the big day – from England to Asia to Indonesia. Products now offer DIY options at home that contain both time-honored traditions and modernized formulations that allow women to get that bridal glow. Here, for example:

In India, Ubtan, a mixture of Indian spices including saffron, is rubbed all over the brides face, hands and feet to rejuvenate and brighten her skin for her wedding day. Today, brides can use KeSARI’s Pore Minimizing Indian Clay Masque, with Triphala Radiance™ complex, Saffron, Indian clay, Kokum Butter, Aloe Vera, and Hyaluronic Acid to deep-clean, minimize the appearance of pores, and moisturize the skin.

In England, Brides-to-be indulged in Oxygen to the face and neck to revitalize the skin; Brides today – including Kate Middleton—use Karin Herzog’s Swiss Oxygen Skincare to detoxify skin and impart a fresh, revitalized, dewy glow.

In Southeast Asia, traditions held that preparing the bride for her wedding night with a skin-softening exfoliation treatment to relax the bride. Today, brides can indulge in products such as bliss hot salt scrub, which relaxes the senses with rosemary and eucalyptus gently exfoliates the skin with sea salts.

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