Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I Feel…Procrastinatey: Dickinson’s Oil Controlling Towelettes (review)

Yes, I’m making up words again. A sure sign that things are back to normal. Yesterday’s chaos and crankiness are gone, and I’m all cheerful again. So cheerful that I have been cheerfully doing all kinds of fun little things, and not getting much real work done. But I’m having fun not doing it.

One of the things I usually do when I’m in for the night is wash off my makeup. But guess, what? I haven’t done it yet. Which brings me to one of my favorite new things. From Dickinson's Original Witch Hazel.

Oil Controlling Towelettes

Blurb: The soothing blend of Witch Hazel and aloe in our facial wipes rejuvenates your skin by gently lifting dirt, oil and impurities from your pores while nourishing even the most sensitive skin. The result is a clean, refreshed and blemish-free complexion – naturally! Individually wrapped cleansing wraps. Perfectly clean and naturally balanced skin – even when you are on the go.

Go get these.

When I was a kid, we always had a bottle of witch hazel in the bathroom cabinet. I’d put it on a cotton ball, and swipe it across my face for a quick clean up. I didn’t know that it was a botanical extract with soothing and healing properties. Or that it was a natural skin care solution. I just knew that it was a quick way to freshen up.

Well now that I’m a grown up (sort of), I actually care about things like soothing and healing properties; and terms like “natural” and “botanical extract” get me all happy. And what really gets me happy is that I didn’t feel like washing my face when I got home; so I took one of these handy little towelettes out of a handy little packet and swiped it across my face. I still have to finish later; but I did my skin a big favor by letting it breathe for an extra 4-5 hours.

In addition to helping lazy people like me, these towelettes have a ton of uses. They’re great for the beach, (and for removing sunscreen afterwards), and good for cooling off and re-balancing your skin after a workout. I’ve used them to gently blot afternoon oiliness, and for a quick clean slate when switching from day to evening makeup. Witch hazel removes everyday dirt and oil without overdrying - it actually soothes and conditions. On a hot day, they’re good for a quick freshening up all over. I can even use them on my really sensitive neck area. I also keep a few in my bag for an emergency hand “wash.”

The website has a whole lot of facts about witch hazel. There’s also some good information about care for oily skin, as well as other skin types. Dickinson’s is available at grocery stores, drugstores, and online at sites like drugstore.com.

(ftc disclosure: sample/product received from manufacturer or representative)

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