Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day/End of Summer Fun: Make A Scarf Halter Top

I know this has nothing to do with makeup or skincare, but I’m posting this because it’s awesome. Now that summer is nearly over, I can’t really justify buying any more summer clothes. But guess what – a lot of my clothes don’t fit (due to weight loss – yeah!); and I’m getting pretty bored with the clothes that are left.

Enter my fun, cute, super thrify idea to perk up a wardrobe: Scarf Halter Top!

I tried this using a lightweight pashmina (which can revert to its pashmina status once fall comes). You can also try this with a few inexpensive remnants from the fabric store. The trick is to make sure you have a fairly sturdy fabric (without too much slip) that is both long enough and wide enough. I didn’t even need bra cups – the fabric and tie provided plenty of support and coverage

Here’s a how-to video:

Another great idea is the Scarf Bandeau.

I couldn’t find many pictures online, but basically you wrap a scarf around you and tie a knot in front (most of the support comes from the knot). If your scarf is extra long, you can bring the ends up and tie them around your neck. It’s that easy and super cute!

Happy Labor Day!

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