Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day Loveliness: Bio-Oil

I didn’t post this quite in time for the holiday weekend, but Bio-Oil is one of those incredibly versatile products that it’s always great to have in your beauty arsenal. Give this a read…

Lighten Up Your Load for the Long Weekend with Bio-Oil

Leave the laundry list of beauty products behind this weekend and give your toiletries bag a break: Bio-Oil can do it all.

Moisturize Dry Skin: Leave the bulky lotion bottle at home and bring along Bio-Oil instead. Don’t forget to apply an extra coat on your shins and arms to highlight a gorgeous tan.

Tame Frizzy Fly-Aways: Let’s face it—no one likes humidity. Bio-Oil can help tame those pesky fly-aways while giving your locks a healthy shine.

Soothe Nasty Sun Burn: We all do our best to lather up with SPF before heading out into the sun but if you do get burnt, go for Bio-Oil. The formula will soothe sunburn and prevent skin from peeling.

Hydrate Chapped Lips: Instead of taking the risk with your lip balm melting, why not dab some Bio-Oil on your pout? For an evening look, pat Bio-Oil on the middle of your lips to give your lipstick extra hydration.

Double as a Shaving Cream: Stay away from razor burn on the last official weekend of summer. Use Bio-Oil instead of shaving cream and moisturize legs while shaving.

Ensure Smooth Sunless Tanning Application: Before heading to the Hamptons, apply Bio-Oil generously over your body to avoid sunless tanning streaks and blotches.

Protect Hair from Chlorine: Run Bio-Oil over the tips of your hair to protect from chlorine exposure. Your blow-out will thank you later!


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