Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day Loveliness: DERMAdoctor and Christa Miller

Turns out I’m not the only one who thinks DERMAdoctor completely rocks. Check it out…

Cougar Town’s Christa Miller Goes Wild for DERMAdoctor’s Med e Tate

It’s no secret that the ladies of Cougar Town are hot. But how do they stay dry during filming? By keeping DERMAdoctor Med E Tate wipes on hand in their makeup department.

Christa Miller is a huge fan of the wipes and the Makeup Department Head, Linda Choi, dished that, “DERMAdoctor Med e Tate wipes are a must-have in our makeup department. Not only are they great for preventing sweat stains and sweaty palms, but they also help to prolong makeup by keeping it from melting off!”

DERMAdoctor Med e Tate are injection-free mediated hyperhidrosis control wipes that allow for a blissfully dry existence. With just one swipe on the face, palms, soles, underarms or cleavage is all you need to look hot while staying dry. And the best part? It alleviates the need for costly and painful Botox injections or invasive surgery.

DERMAdoctor Med e Tate is available on and Sephora.

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