Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Anti-Frazzle: Fresh Sugar Lemon Body Lotion (review)

In addition to not being quite ready to let go of summer, I’m also completely frazzled. I’m getting ready for a trip and I still haven’t packed.’s already 8:00 pm, and I have to get up at 4:00 am tomorrow morning. Ouch.

This seems like just about the right time to talk about some "feel good beauty" from Fresh.

Sugar Lemon Body Lotion

Blurb: Sugar Lemon Body Lotion with sugar cane extract and mango seed oil melts into your skin. This luxurious effective formula is enriched with restorative shea butter, antioxidant-rich lychee extract, vitamins C and E and brown sugar, which has a moisturizing and skin-perfecting properties. Sugar Lemon Body Lotion has a bright effervescent fragrance that combines zesty citrus notes and fruity florals with sensual undertones.

Mmmmmm! All of the Sugar Lemon items from Fresh smell heavenly. I like the Lotion because I get to indulge in a really bright, fresh scent as I’m applying it; and then it fades to a warmer, subtle, fruitiness that makes me happy all day.

The lotion is creamy, rich, absorbs quickly, and makes my skin really silky. And the softness lasts a very long time. It’s an instant, long-lasting way to feel extremely good.

You can check out all the delicious bath and body items on the website (along with the awesome, color, skincare, etc.). Take a look at what's new, browse the favorites section, or shop the gorgeous Eat, Pray, Love collection. Fresh is also sold at Barneys, Saks, and Sephora.

I won't be posting while I'm on my trip, so I'll see you all on Monday! Have a great weekend!

(ftc disclosure: received sample with purchase)


  1. I'm currently obsessed with their soy facial cleanser. It's probably one of the best cleansers I've used in me life. I'll have to try this when I go in Sephora.

  2. Jennifer, I've heard great things about that cleanser. I think it's time I put it on the ever-growing wish list.

    P.S.: Your blog is so awesome - that F.U.N.K. video totally made my day.