Sunday, October 17, 2010

Special for Sunday: Urbanglow Cream Highlight from Urban Decay

Something new from the ever-fabulous Urban Decay!

Urbanglow Cream Highlight

Sometimes while meditating I think about Andy, my Yogalates instructor…doing the Cobra Pose…on top of me. Clearly, I lack enlightenment…inner illumination is overrated anyway! Besides, with Urbanglow Cream Highlight, I fake the radiance that comes with a spiritual awakening, and now so can you!

Urbanglow is enriched with a healthy dose of nourishing coconut oil, giving it just the right amount of slip to glide on easily and apply without the greasy Renee Zellweger shine. Each of the four ridiculously flattering shades are subtle enough to work on any skin tone. Look cool while you fake an inner glow: when it’s time
for a touch-up, whip out your signature Lucite compact adorned with a flowery gold skull, emblazoned with the new ‘UD’ icon, and complete with a mirror.

Packed with powders made from real crushed pearls, this cream highlight gives skin an ethereal glow so spellbinding that even your mother (who knows what a shallow bitch you really are) will think you have depth.

Hide a hangover and simultaneously give your Yogalates instructor a come hither stare with a mere dab of Urbanglow in the inner corners of your eyes. Fake a tasteful boob-job and lip injection (a.k.a. maintenance) by contouring yourself a bit of cleavage and placing a dab in the center of your bottom lip. Hell, go all out and sculpt yourself Michelle Pfeiffer cheek bones and perfectly arched Angelina brows by stippling Urbanglow in a “C” shape around your temples and smudging a bit on the brow bone. Miss Cleo and her psychic friends were wrong…you do have a spandex clad man in your future. Oh wait, that’s just me.

Fall 2010 Urban Glow Spectrum

- Moonshine- a pearlescent shimmer with iridescent pink shift
- Sin- gold shimmer
- Wicked- pink shimmer
- Brown Sugar- bronze shimmer

Urban Decay Urbanglow Cream Highlight is available at Macy’s, Sephora, and ULTA. Or, online at,,, and

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