Sunday, October 17, 2010

Special for Sunday: Glowelle’s Beautiful Choices Movement

I love this Movement. Building self-esteem should start as early as possible, and the Beautiful Choices Movement (with the help of Carmindy) has launched a year long program to make a difference in the lives of women and girls. Read how to join the movement, give support, and even become a weekly winner…

Glowelle Gets Girls on Track

With Hollywood starlets going to jail and rehab, it can be hard for young girls to want to stay on the right track.

Luckily, Glowelle launched the Beautiful Choices Movement to help girls build self-esteem and feel beautiful from the inside out. With the help of celebrity makeup artist, Carmindy, the Beautiful Choices Movement has launched its year-long educational effort designed to empower and inspire women and girls to share the beautiful choices they make every day as a testament to their inner beauty.

To Join the Beautiful Choices Movement: You can join the movement by visiting and submitting a beautiful choice you’ve made - big or small. Glowelle will select a grand-price winner who will receive a trip to New York City and a makeover from Carmindy.

Glowelle will also pick weekly winners who will each receive a Glowelle tote bag filled with Carmindy’s makeup and a seven day supply of Glowelle.

To Support the Beautiful Choices Movement: Visit and purchase a fabulous headband for $5. Proceeds will benefit the Boys&Girls Clubs’ efforts around girls’ self-esteem to help young girls live their move beautiful life.

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