Friday, October 8, 2010

Hair Care Friday: Kronos Hydrating Discovery Kit (review)

Whew! This is the first non-holiday week I’ve had in over a month; and 5 work days in a row seemed like a lot. I’m sooooo happy the weekend is here. No traveling, no appointments, and no emergencies (knocking on wood). But before I kick off my care-free, unstructured existence; let’s talk about some fabulous hair care. From Kronos.

Hydrating Discovery Kit

Blurb: Your hair is the best accessory you can have, so make sure you keep it looking beautiful and healthy all the time. Kronos Hydrating Discovery kit contains special hydrating ingredients and T-Sfere technology to restore luster and shine for fabulously healthy strands.

Hydresse Hydrating Cleansing Treatment

Blurb: Designed to rehydrate dry, damaged and unruly hair while cleansing away excess oils and debris. Patent-pending t-sfere technology improves the permeation of active ingredients and helps target specific areas of the scalp, follicle and hair shaft. This causes the hair to regain luster, vitality, shine and volume.

Hydresse Hydrating Conditioner

Blurb: Provides rich moisture and conditioning agents to soften and replenish dry, damaged or unruly hair. Patent-pending t-sfere technology optimizes penetration, allowing the active ingredients to be delivered wherever they're most needed. The hair is left strengthened, repaired, nourished and soft.

Liquid Theory 7- In -1 Conditioning Spray

Blurb: Instantly detangles and smoothes the hair while protecting it against color fading and humidity. Just a few quick spritzes effectively calms frizz and prevents fly-aways, resulting in a sleeker appearance. Conditioning properties enhances shine, softness and manageability, transforming the hair into a gorgeous mane that’s silky smooth, richly colored and easily styled.

Phyx Overnight Repair Masque

Blurb: This incredible treatment formula works overnight to repair, condition and replenish damaged hair. It renews and repairs with expertly blended ingredients, resulting in silkier, shinier locks. It also helps to enhance color for a richer and more vibrant hue. Damaged, dry or unmanageable hair becomes healthy, soft and resilient.

I reviewed the hair masque (Phyxx) almost a year ago; and it’s still one of the best hair care products I’ve ever come across. I got results right away; and over time my hair got better and better. I saw this kit, and decided that I had to try the other three items - and see how well they all worked together.

My hair is mighty happy with me. Each of the products in this kit does a wonderful job, and together they made my hair healthier, softer, more manageable and gorgeous. The shampoo cleans very well, and hydrates without heaviness or buildup. The conditioner detangles instantly, and also softens and adds shine without any heavy residue. The conditioning spray smoothed my hair, and fought frizz all day (it also made a great day-to-evening style refresher). I let my hair air dry; and my curls were cute, bouncy and healthy-looking. I also noticed an extra boost in volume.

What really sold me was the morning (on a non-mask day) that I realized my hair felt softer and smoother when I woke up. This kit even fixes bed head!

Read more about the products (and t-sphere technology) on the website. Check the shop section, and read about the five signs of aging hair. Kronos products are also available at HSN, and

Have a great weekend!

(ftc disclosure: purchased myself)

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