Friday, October 15, 2010

Hair Care Friday: Jonathan Product IB Revitalizer™ (review)

You have no idea how happy I am that it’s Friday! My perkiness from earlier in the week has faded; and I desperately need a recharge. Coincidentally, so does my hair.

Gosh...what a perfect opportunity to talk about some stellar hair care from Jonathan Product.

IB Revitalizer™ Overnight Oil Treatment Spray

Blurb: Damaged and weak hair can look lifeless and dull. This luxurious treatment helps fight the battle against overprocessed and brittle locks. Use overnight and your tresses will thank you in the morning. Basil Essential Water™ detangles and conditions while Tourmaline & Amethyst use a unique charged ionic crystal blend to improve shine, smoothness and manageability of hair. Nourishing Shine blend deeply conditions, smooths and adds luster to hair. Chardonnay and Moringa Seed Extracts prevent color fading and purifies and protects hair against color fading, UV damage, & environmental stresses while Exotic Argan & Macadamia oils soften, condition and revitalize both the hair and scalp.

I’ve never tried an overnight treatment like this before. It's a spray mist that gently coats the hair and penetrates overnight. It's incredibly light - very nice. I sectioned my hair, and then sprayed the Treatment over each section until everything was covered. The directions recommend putting a towel on your pillow; but I recommend sleeping in a bandana when using an overnight mask. (Click here to see.)

I couldn’t tell much when I woke up; but after I washed, rinsed and let my hair (air) dry, I noticed immediately that my hair much softer. It was also smoother, and the ends were much tamer. Best of all, there was a lot more shine. That’s what I really liked - the added smoothness and shine.

I also really liked browsing the website. If you visit, check out the sales and specials and take a look at the style tip of the week. There’s also a comprehensive where to buy page.

In the spirit of revitalization, I'm feeling the need to share this video from Evanescence (Bring Me to Life)

Have a great weekend, everyone!

(ftc disclosure: received sample with purchase)

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