Friday, October 29, 2010

Happy Fabulous Friday! Sprunk-Jansen MASCULINE™ wins!

Sprunk-Jansen is on a roll. Read about their award from Better Nutrition Magazine…

Sprunk-Jansen MASCULINE™ Named Winner in
Better Nutrition Magazine’s Best of Supplement Awards!

Sprunk-Jansen has won again! Better Nutrition announced that Sprunk-Jansen was awarded its popular “Best of Supplements Award 2010.” A panel of experts awarded MASCULINE™ in the Men’s Health category. The official release of the winners will be announced in the November issue of Better Nutrition.

Better Nutrition is a leading natural health magazine that is carried by over 1200 US natural food retailers and distributed to over 350,000 consumers. The awards were given to those products that met Better Nutrition’s stringent criteria.

Interviews and surveys were issued to a panel of experts to help select the winning products. The panel consisted of health food store retailers, holistic physicians, naturopaths, herbalists, and other practitioners. Of the 500+ products that were submitted for the awards, the panelists selected only 75 winning products across 27 categories. This is the third Better Nutrition award Sprunk-Jansen has received in the last two years.

MASCULINE™ is formulated with asafoetida, a legendary aphrodisiac herb known to decrease fatigue and boost sexual desire. This tonic is formulated to help improve sexual experience naturally. It’s been clinically tested to be safe and effective.

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  1. After a change in ownership Sprunk Jansen have re launched in the USA on 30th March. Starting with Masculine, Feminine and Weighlevel.
    Available from Amazon, Ebay and
    I am sure the fans will be delighted to see it back-"SPREAD THE WORD"