Friday, October 29, 2010

Happy Fabulous Friday! Triphala Radiance Firming Serum

I have a whole bunch of great beauty news for you today. Let's start with info about the Radiance Firming Serum from KeSARI Skin Care…

Indian Bridal Beauty by KeSARI

Katy Perry fully embraced Indian beauty rituals at her wedding to Russell Brand this past Sunday. Before tying the knot, Katy was spotted with a traditional bridal nose ring and getting henna on her palms and hands.

Sound inspiring? Your readers can also add eastern tradition in to their skincare regimen with one of the oldest and most sacred Indian traditions performed the day before a bride’s wedding ceremony. Ubtan, a mixture of Indian spices (found at any spice shop) is mixed with saffron and rubbed all over the brides face, hands, and feet to rejuvenate and brighten her skin for her wedding day.

The same effect can be achieved with KeSARI, a new skin care line inspired by India’s natural healing ingredients and ancient traditions. The traditional bridal routine is bottled in KeSARI’s saffron-loaded Triphala Radiance Firming Serum, which is modernized with a Peptide Complex and time-released Retinol to brighten skin.

KeSARI’s Triphala Radiance Firming Serum is available on

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