Thursday, April 8, 2010

Straight Up Thursday: Erno Laszlo BLUE Firmarine Treatment Bar (review)

Is it just me, or does it seem like Easter Sunday was about 5 years ago? Maybe it’s the weather or all the time off; but this week seems to have stretched on for-freakin-ever.

Just felt the need to share.

And now back to beauty business. I think my brain cells are melting in the heat because I seem to be at a loss for corny tie-ins. You’d think with words like “dish” and “bar” at my disposal, I could come up with something truly groan-worthy. But I can’t. You’ll just have to read a plain old straight up review today. Today’s straight up item is from Erno Laszlo.

Laszlo BLUE Firmarine Treatment Bar

Blurb: One smart soap: Laszlo Blue FIRMARINE Treatment Bar is a gentle cleansing bar that provides long term skin rejuvenation. Its unique delivery system releases ingredients gradually over time to ensure activity long after cleansing, strengthening skin’s barrier and allowing visibly firmer, smoother skin. Spirulina Maxima and Algae Extract to firm skin by helping cell renewal and improving skin’s texture. Vitamin C and E providing long lasting anti-oxidant protection. Glycerin, Soribtol and Palm Kernel to help hydration and retain moisture by binding water to the skin.

So I guess it’s good that I’m talking about a “smart soap” on a day when I’m feeling less than brainy. While I don’t think this soap is clever enough to balance your checkbook or pay your taxes; I do think that it's a pretty smart idea.

For one thing, I love the whole bar thing. I like the feel of it, I like that there’s less packaging, and I absolutely love it for travel (just cut off a piece and pack it up – it won't count as a liquid).

This cleanser is actually for skin that is dry to slightly oily; but my combination skin responded very well. I haven’t used it long enough to judge the long term effects; but I found that it did an excellent job of thoroughly cleansing my face, and leaving my skin clean, fresh and balanced. The scent is very nice too (fresh – neither masculine nor feminine).

Erno Laszlo has a stellar reputation in the skin care world. If you take a look at the website; you’ll see that their treatments address no fewer than seven skin types (from extremely dry to extremely oily). You can give yourself a free online skin analysis with the Laszlomatic (love that), or request a catalogue. Erno Laszlo can also be found at fine stores like Nordstrom, Dillard's, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Neiman Marcus.


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