Friday, April 30, 2010

Hair Care Friday: Aubrey Organics Calaguala Fern Texturizing Leave-In Treatment (review)

Now that I've decided to grow my hair long again; it's all about keeping it in good condition. It takes a few years for my hair to get really long (waist-length when wet). Which means that the hair on the top of my head will be years old by the time it reaches my waist. Which means it will have been styled and color-treated who knows how many times. Which also means I need to start conditioning it now and keep it up. Here to help are the folks at Aubrey Organics.

Calaguala Fern Texturizing Leave-In Treatment

Blurb: Clear your head. Fresh, aromatic herbals work all day in this leave-in conditioning treatment that normalizes hair and scalp. Herbal gums and B vitamins add volume and manageability for a full, healthy head of hair. Calaguala Extract & Cade Essential Oil promote hair & scalp health, Herbal Gums add volume & hold, and Amino Acid Complex balances & strengthens.

I swear this stuff has already made my hair better! Since my first bottle, my hair feels stronger, fuller and softer. I like to rub it through while my hair is wet, then run my fingers through the strands when it's dry (or almost dry). It seems to add volume and control without any weight, greasiness or stickiness; and it also smells wonderful! It also seems to control oiliness while still keeping my hair soft.

If you visit the website right now, you can save 25% when you buy Lumessence Lift and Honeysuckle CoQ10 Moisturizing Lotion together (add both products to cart to receive your discount). You can also check out the pet section and find some awesome organic products for your puppy. And of course there are plenty of hair care, makeup and fragrance items to keep you happy. You can also find Aubrey Organics at health food stores like Whole Foods, and sites like and

Have a great weekend!

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