Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Expose Yourself! Schick Quattro for Women (review)

If you've been reading this blog (or just pretending to read it), you may have noticed that I mentioned some great conversations I've had lately. I'm so grateful I live in a time when technology makes it easy to keep in touch with people. Millions of years ago, when I first moved out "on my own;" I went to San Francisco which was about 400 miles away from friends and family. This was pre-internet/pre-email/pre-long distance-calling-plan; so we mainly kept in touch by writing letters. And, this just in: 19-year-olds are not the most consistent letter-writers. I'm amazed we managed to stay in touch at all.

Nowadays it's pretty easy. Quick emails, texts, chatting and that most fabulous thing of all: cell phone plans with unlimited minutes that let you call anywhere in the U.S. This still amazes me. I no longer have to wait until after 5pm to make a "toll call." And I can talk for-freaking-ever.

My grandmother did not like this turn of events. She thought email seemed impersonal; and she didn't like people casually picking up the phone instead of writing a nice letter. I also liked letters (I still have most of them); and I liked being able to plan my thoughts and carefully word my responses to what other people said. It allowed me to express myself, but still keep some distance. That's not really the case nowadays (when you're "live"). And I also think it's probably for the best. It turns out that all this "cold," "impersonal" technology has actually opened the door to more authenticity and intimacy in my life. I'm a little more "exposed" these days, and I think I'm better off for it.

So that was a pretty long road to today's beauty item, wasn't it? Well, I'm feeling the whole communication thing big time; and it's spilling over into beauty junkie-dom. You don't need me to tell you that things happen in the Springtime.

But, back to something more blog-worthy. In addition to people exposing their thoughts and feelings, Spring also brings a different kind of exposure. Skin. And shouldn't everyone get to see your newly exposed skin looking all smooth and pretty? (Answer: yes, they should). Let's see how the folks at Schick can help us out with that…

Quattro for Women

Blurb: A high performance razor! New Handle, More comfortable Hold. Long Lasting Smoothness so you could skip a day or two! Enriched with Aloe & Duo-Vitamin Complex™ Conditioning Strips. Compact Pivoting Head to follow all your contours. 4 Ultra-Thin Blades for a close, smooth shave. Sleek Handle for precise control. Softer rubber, better grip. Includes convenient Shower Hanger.

Since my intro was so freaking long; I'll make my review nice and short. It works good. Real good. There's not a whole lot to say about a razor when it does what it's supposed to. And this one absolutely does. It gives me a fabulous, close, comfortable shave. And no nicks or cuts (even when I don't have my contact lenses in). The moisturizing bar helps the blade glide along and the handle has a nice grip. All this closeness and comfort applies to the bikini area as well. What more do you need? (Answer: shave cream, but that's tomorrow's review).

The website has information about all the Quattro for Women products. For purchasing purposes, though, I suggest your local drugstore or a site like Drugstore.com.

Happy Tuesday!

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