Monday, April 5, 2010

Another Mascara Monday (With Bonus Eyeliner)! LASplash (review)

Hello everyone! I intended to spend a few Mondays featuring some cool mascaras; and then today I realized I was having a bit of eyeliner withdrawal. So I thought I'd just combine the two, and feature a bit of each from Splash Cosmetics.

Lash Splash Glitter Mascara (in "Abyss")

Blurb: Who doesn’t want thick, long and healthy lashes you can shed a tear or two in? Leap out of your shell and leave the ordinary to the “ordinary”. Dare to shine with all of the fun, bright and glitter colors we offer. Lash Splash Liquid Mascara thickens, lengthens, and nourishes to create astonishing lashes. Not to mention, lash splash mascara is created with a formula that is proven to be long-lasting and waterproof.

LA Splash has over 30 colors of mascara - whoa! I took the conservative road and chose “Abyss” (aka: black) because I wanted to see how the formula held up all day (and fuschia might not have gone over so well at work). I was not disappointed – the formula is great. My lashes were coated well, and I got very good lengthening. And the sparkle was super cool. Not overly glitzy, but enough to give a festive dewy shimmer to my eyes. It lasted all day and didn’t run when I dunked my head in the pool.

Glitter Eyeliner (in "Kryptonite" and "Electric")

Blurb: If only eyes could talk! What would yours say about you? All colors are smudge proof and water resistant for glamorous 12 hour wear.

There are almost 50 colors to choose from in the “glitter” category alone – yikes! When I brought them home I was not disappointed. For starters, the brush is very nice. I usually prefer a slightly shorter brush; but this one worked well (and a pair of scissors can always take care of too much length). Liquid liners (especially sparkly ones) take a steadier hand and I was glad to see that this had a bit of "adjustment time." (Meaning it took a minute or two to dry in case I needed to start over.) It went on smoothly, covered well and lasted all day. The two colors I tried were excellent. “Kryptonite” is a deep, forest green (almost black) with flecks of green glitter. It’s really beautiful and I got lots of compliments. “Electric” is a bright, beautiful awesome shade of sparkly turquoise. If you’re opting in to the turquoise trend that’s happening right; you may want to get a couple of these. Again, like the mascaras, the sparkle is just right.

I love that that both mascara and liners perform really well and are also reasonably priced (about $7 each). Which is great because they come in so many shades - so you can try out a whole slew of them without spending a fortune.

Visit the website, and take a look at more of the glittery, colorful fun. You can also find LA Splash at Cherry Culture and Ulta.

Happy Monday!


  1. Always up to trying a new mascara and love the bling factor in the eyeliner!
    Thank you for the share,

  2. Now I'm thinking of picking up a colored mascara! Cause I need more bling!!!