Thursday, April 29, 2010

Drive By Thursday: Sue Devitt 70% Triple Seaweed Gel Foundation (review)

Today is another busy one, so I'll save my usual wordiness for another time. But even though things are a little bit frantic; my complexion is looking all smooth and serene. Thanks to a bit of cosmetic assistance from Sue Devitt Cosmetics.

70% Triple Seaweed Gel Foundation

Blurb: A truly revolutionary experience, this gel formulation improves skin tonality, hides imperfections, offers immediate radiance and a healthy glow. The 70% water content leaves skin looking and feeling visibly more healthy and hydrated while reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Suitable for all skin types, the 70% Triple Seaweed Gel Foundation offers sheer to medium coverage and is oil-free.

I got a sample of this with an order of something else and it sat around for about a month until I finally tried it. I should not have waited. I used the sample for a couple of days and was so impressed that had to run out and get my own bottle. (Well, I didn't have to…no wait, yes I did.) Not only does it have lots of nice things for your skin; the look and feel of this foundation are exceptional. It glides on to my skin, and feels absolutely weightless. And it sets to a fresh, smooth and very natural finish. The coverage is sheer to medium, and it lasts all day. It's also oil free, hydrating and soothing. Gorgeous!

If you visit the website, be sure to check out the Exclusives section, and for some one-of-a kind inspiration, take a look at the Beauty Adventures. You can also find Sue Devitt at Bloomingdales, Ulta,

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