Friday, April 23, 2010

Hair Care Friday (and much more!): Melvita Organic Argan Oil (review)

My horoscope this week was especially awesome (thank you, Free Will Astrology!). In addition to Rob Breszny's stellar upbeat writing, I got four "affirmations" to keep me on track for a while. My two favorites were #1 and #4:

#1 I am cultivating Relaxed Alertness, because that will make me receptive to high-quality clues about how to proceed.

#4 I am practicing Serene Debauchery, because if I'm not manically obsessed with looking for opportunities to cut loose, those opportunities will present themselves to me with grace and frequency.

Ooooh! How cool is that – relaxed alertness and serene debauchery? Do I really need anything else? (Answer: probably, but who cares.)

Horoscopes are one of my favorite guilty pleasures. My dearest friend and I send them to each other every week. Maybe I should say that superstition in general is a guilty pleasure of mine. Not only do I read horoscopes, but I also knock on wood and "unjinx" things.* What makes a pleasure "guilty?" Hmmm…I think it's when your rational brain, your upbringing, and/or your mom tell you it's something you shouldn't like; but you like it anyway. You really, really like it! Other guilty pleasures scheduled for the weekend (that I can tell you about) include: pizza, pepsi (with both caffeine and sugar), blowing off singing practice, going online too much, and spending Sunday in my pajamas watching as much TV as I want.

Anyhoo…since I'm indulging in guilty pleasures, I should probably talk about at least one non-guilty one. Howzabout a little something from Melvita Organic Cosmetics?

Argan Oil

Blurb: A true regenerator, Argan oil is often used as a moisturizer for dry skin and as a smoother in damaged hair. A real ‘beauty secret’ for Berber women, the oil is made from un-roasted argan kernels; it is also traditionally used for massaging joints and for nail and hair care. Processing is done through an Aunarha women's co-operative in Essaouira. Melvita complies with all ethical criteria for fair trade: fair prices when purchasing raw materials, preservation of biodeversity in the environment, as well as responsible farming. Melvita guarantee: First cold-pressed organic oil. Colorant and preservative-free.

Besides making lovely things, Melvita also makes a commitment to natural products (no paraffin, silicone, PEG, PPG, parabens, formaldehyde, synthetic fragrances/colors, diethyl phthalate, etc.). Their certified organic products are made to exceed ECOCERT France standards; and their commitment to excellence includes extensive and methodical testing to ensure the very best quality.

I thought the Argan Oil made a wonderful moisturizer (especially for delicate areas like the neck and décolletage). It absorbed quickly, felt wonderful and lasted. But I fell in crazy freaky love with this as a hair treatment! A few drops and my curly hair suddenly became shiny and manageable. My hair was downright - dare I say it? - compliant. I can't wait to see how this works with a blowout or my flatiron. (Or as a softener on my elbows and heels.)

I've only had the bottle since Wednesday; but I have plans. Right along with my plans to receive "high quality clues about how to proceed" (refer to affirmation #1).

For more non-guilty pleasures, take a look at the website and browse all the fine products (both the skincare and the amazing organic honeys). You can also send a Take Good Care of Nature E-Card or visit the Do Your Share area to become a member of one of their online communities.

* An example of "unjinxing": I have a lovely coffee/lunch planned for tomorrow. I've been waiting impatiently and want everything to be wonderful. But now I'm worried that my expectations are too high. What to do? Unjinxing to the rescue! All I have to do is say things like, "The lunch will go horribly - there will be awkward silences and/or bitter disagreements." Or, "Wild dogs will chase me through the parking lot." Or, the always popular, "Storms will rage, war will break out, life as we know will cease to exist and I will be several minutes late." See? Easy peasy.

Goodbye for now – I wish us all a terrible Friday and a perfectly hideous weekend!

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