Thursday, April 22, 2010

Find Your Water Footprint: Aveda Water Footprint Calculator/Quiz

Aveda has a great quiz on Facebook that calculates your Water Footprint. I just took it! It turns out that I use about half the water of the average person. Not bad, but the quiz showed me a few places where I can do a little better.

Not only will you learn something, but completing the quiz sends $1 to help fund clean water projects. Read and do...

Create Ripples – Aveda Earth Month

At Aveda the month of April is designated as Earth Month, and since starting this event in 1999, with the help of our guests and network of salons, we have raised more than $14 million for grassroots organizations that protect biodiversity and address environmental issues around the world. For the past three years we’ve concentrated on the issue of water – raising funds and awareness for equal rights and access. Did you know that 1 in 7 people globally (that’s nearly 1 billion people) do not have access to clean water on a daily basis?

To help consumers learn of their impact on global/local water issues, follow this link ( to the water foot print calculator created for Earth Month. The calculator provides great tips on conserving water and is quite an eye-opener for many! Not to mention that for every completed calculator, Aveda will donate $1 (up to $500k) to our global partner, Global Greengrants Fund, to help fund clean water projects.

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