Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Hi, I Feel Pretty and I'm A Cosmoholic

Okay, someone in beauty land has really caught on to the true nature of product junkiedom. Take a look at some seriously jones-worthy stuff from Cosmoholic (along a few Valentine's Day beauty tips)…

Ahh…Finally, A Lipgloss With Personality!!!

We all have our obsessions, and while many are short-lived, there are some that stick with us and become extensions of our personality. I'm sure we can all think of a shopaholic or chocoholic in our life, but do you have a Cosmoholic in your life yet? If not, you will soon, because Cosmoholic Cosmetics is for women of all ages: the cosmetics junky, the on-the-go professional, the sassy stroller mom, and the trend-setter teen. It's for the woman who wants classic colors with an edge. It's for the woman who wants to stay ahead of the pack. It's for every woman who's ever wanted a lipstick and a lipgloss in one easy applicator.

Created by makeup industry vet, Jody Cohen, Cosmoholic Cosmetics is a collection of liquid lipsticks that go on like a lipgloss, but have the real, deep, beautiful pigment of a lipstick. Ahh…finally, a lipgloss with personality. And now this amazing product is also paraben free!

Cosmoholic contains a nourishing “repair kit” for your lips that feeds the skin, forming a barrier to keep nasty irritants out, which prevents lips from looking older than the rest of your beautiful face. Cosmoholic liquid lipsticks aren’t sticky and give you tons of shine without the shocking shimmer. However, if shimmer is what you’re looking for, Cosmoholic still has you covered with the Gold Digger shade – this special Cosmoholic color takes you from day to night with an extra pop of shimmer. This collection doesn’t contain any fragrances, but includes vanilla flavors and macadamia nut oil for moisturizing. It also has vitamin E, vitamin C, and antioxidants.

Cosmoholic Cosmetics consist of 7 highly pigmented shades – colors like Prudish Pink (are you a prude?) and Rock Star Red (or are you a rock star?) – so you can have a little bit of personality in your pocket or purse.

Valentine's Day Beauty Tips

Jody Cohen’s Glam Tips For Every Woman Whether She's Taken, Crushing or On the Prowl

Status: Taken
The 'Romantic' Look: Glowing with a rouge lip. This look is sexy and your lips will definitely do the talking.

Eyes: A light brown shimmer over the eyelids. Curl lashes and apply lots of mascara on top and bottom lashes.

Face: Use a shimmer bronzer as normal, but add extra on the apples of the cheeks. Sweep a small amount of a pink or rose shimmered blush on the apples of the cheeks.
Lips: Cosmoholic Cosmetics' Rockstar Red as a matte stain (Use the gloss applicator and dab a little on the bottom lip and spread the pigment with your fingers)

Status: Crushing
The 'I'm Desirable' Look: Sexy eyes with a soft lip. This is the perfect look to sport on a date night.

Eyes: Wing the eyeliner or eyeshadow out from the eye. This will give your eyes a sexy shape. Lots of mascara and liner on the bottom rim of the eye. Trick: Use a wedged makeup sponge to guide the line and use the same sponge to clean the line up

Cheeks: pink or rosy color

Lips: Cosmoholic Cosmetics' Prudish Pink. Because you are playing up the eyes, this color will soften the look.

Status: On the Prowl
The Glamorous look: Repeat the 'Romantic' look but go all out with the Rockstar Red!! You will be sure to stand out and let everyone know that you are ready for love.

Tips: if your eyebrows are sparse, make sure to always color them in! Women tend to neglect them...Eyebrows transform a face.

SPECIAL VALENTINE’S DAY GIFT SET: Rockstar Red and Prudish Pink in a special red gift box with box for just $36 – a value of $40.50!

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