Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Girls’ Night UP! (Redux)

Hi everyone! I'm still running around like a crazy person this week (singing-related insanity), so I haven't had time to type up my latest reviews. Right now my reviews consist of post-it notes with various impressions scribbled on them attached to the various products that the remarks are about. God help me if those post it notes come unstuck before I have a chance to type them up.

Anyhooo...Today, I'm going to re-publish my "bra" posting from back in June. Since yesterday was about dresses, I thought a little "foundation" refresher wouldn't be such a bad thing. Enjoy!

Girls’ Night UP! (originally posted 6/29/2009)

Hey, guess what? There’s a big long holiday weekend coming up and some of you may be going out. Some of you may be hitting the holiday sales and some of you may be doing both.

And speaking of “both”…

Instead of droning on about sunscreen again, today will be a (demi) frank discussion about beauty for the…ahem…breasts. That’s right, I’m talking about “the girls,” “bazooms,” “cans,” “cha-chas,” “honkers,” “pillows,” or the new term I just learned from my friend, Kristi, “the talent.” (FYI, there’s a pretty decent list of entertaining terms to be found online.)

If someone asks me what my best feature is, I’ll usually say, “my eyes.” But I’m not being entirely honest. Don’t get me wrong – I think my eyes run a close second; but like many red-blooded, modern girls; I think my “girls” are the real shizzle. But my honest response wouldn't be a very ladylike response to that question (or would it?).

I have been loving my lacy, cute bras that I discovered last November. They’re feminine and pretty; but unfortunately the support is only moderate and there isn't much…er…coverage. When summer finally arrived in Philly, I realized I was in trouble. There was no way I could wear a summer t-shirt without broadcasting way too much information about myself (and/or the weather). I felt pretty exposed instead of just pretty.

So this weekend I hung out at the mall with Nancy (previously mentioned friend) and we went into a lingerie store so I could do a little shopping. I was looking for the same style I had (but with heavier fabric) when Nancy marched over to a rack (pun totally intended) of lined, plunging bras and declared that those were what I needed. Well to me they looked enormous and I couldn’t believe one of those things would ever, ever fit under one of my shirts without looking like battle armor. Again, I should just learn to shut up because Nancy was 100% right. I put one of them on and – Oh My Freaking Heaven – the girls were gorgeous! Then I put my shirt on and…wow! Not only were they properly dressed, but they were downright perky. And - dare I say it – buoyant!

Needless to say, my spirits are equally buoyant (especially since I also found some lacy ones).

Of course everything starts with getting the right size! Here's where size really matters, ladies! Get measured. As far as I’m concerned, the best, most accurate measurers are at Victoria’s Secret. (Sadly, they don’t carry my size, so I have to look elsewhere for the actual garments.)

Here are some resources. You have all week. Get busy!

Victoria's Secret – Awesome, gorgeous, girly lingerie. And if you're able to wear petite, super frilly styles, you will hit the jackpot! They also carry clothing, swimwear and beauty. Right now they’re having their semi-annual sale and clearance. Even if you don’t end up shopping there, I strongly recommend getting measured there.

Caçique/Lane Bryant – Yummy lingerie for the full of figure. Great variety of cute, sultry and/or practical lingerie. The stores carry a huge selection in sizes usually only found in catalogues – which is great because you can try on lots of stuff. Right now, there’s a buy 2, get 2 free promotion online and in stores.

One Hanes Place – Great deals and a huge selection of sizes and brands like Bali, Playtex, Wonderbra, etc. Most of the stores carry standard sizes, but you can order special sizes online. And they usually have some kind of BOGO promotion going on.

Bare Necessities - I’ve never bought here, but they seem to have a tremendous (sorry, couldn't help it) range of brands (from Playtex to Wacoal) and an excellent range of sizes. They also have a semi-annual clearance event going on right now.

Department Stores like Macys, Nordstrom, Bloomingdales, Target, Sears, etc. – They generally carry standard sizes, but often have great sales and the very latest designer styles. And many of the lingerie departments have qualified staff who can take your measurements.

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