Thursday, January 28, 2010

Thursday Thriftiness: Ulta Bamboo Naturals Headband (review)

After all the red-carpet super stylishness I just posted, I'm keeping my review very simple today. Here's one of my must-have, makes-everything-better beauty regimen staples from Ulta.

Bamboo Naturals Headband

Blurb: The unique ULTA bamboo head band is soft, elastic and versatile. Great for keeping wet hair from face or while applying made-up. The perfect accessory to enhance your comfort and beauty.

You're probably wondering why on earth I am featuring a headband. Well, because a headband is just plain useful. It keeps my hair out of my face while I'm washing it (my face), while applying makeup, while tweezing, putting on sunscreen, etc. In other words, it's something I use a lot. Every day. At least once. And if I'm going to use something every day, I want it to work well and dependably.

So far this is the best headband I've ever found. Ever. It grips without being tight. It stays put, but doesn't give me "headband hair." It's also washable, durable, and keeps its shape for a long time. And when it does finally wear out (or I leave it in a hotel room…oops), it's only about $6 to replace.

I can't always find them in the stores, so my suggestion is ordering a couple from the website the next time you're there.

That's all. See? Simple.

Happy Thursday!

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