Monday, January 4, 2010

Get Fresh: Amarté Aqua Veil (review)

Shortly before Christmas, a friend of mine let me try a new organic face cream (he made it himself). It was awesome. I loved the way it felt on my skin: hydrating and invigorating, but also very light. Sadly, I only got a sample (no recipe). But it got me thinking that even though winter in Pennsylvania is dry and cold; there are other places where a winter moisturizer doesn't need to be very heavy. So I made a mental note to: 1) wangle another sample out of my friend, and 2) feature a lighter moisturizer. Item #1 may take some finagling; but #2 is pretty simple, thanks to the folks at Amarté.

Aqua Veil Pure Hydration Serum

Blurb: An extremely light facial humectant. Natural herbs and intensive moisturizing ingredients synergize in softness as the skin soaks in nature’s moist fresh vitality. An aqua veil is formed immediately upon application with resultant coolness and softness. Designed for combination skin; ideal for all skin types. Functions: Moisturizes, improves breakouts. Key Ingredients: Natural Betaine, Extracts of Cucumber, Mallow Flower, Sambucus Nigra Flower, Arnica Montana, Parietaria Officinalis, Hedera Helix.

I got this in my BeautyFix box a while back, and it took me a while to try it out. I wish I hadn't waited so long, because it's really a great find. It's calming and hydrating as well as being cool, light and refreshing. It also contains lots of healing and soothing ingredients like Arnica Montana and Mallow Flower. It has a fresh cucumber fragrance and feels like a dewy layer of water on my skin. And it not only feels good, but it lasts and doesn't aggravate breakouts.

Since my post-holiday head is still trying to adjust to Monday, I'm just going to direct you to their website so you can have a look around. You can also find Amarté products online at sites like dermstore and glow.

Happy Monday!

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