Friday, June 12, 2009

Have some Awesomely LUSH Bath and Body Experiences!

I won't be posting tomorrow, so today is the official end of Bath and Body Week. And I have saved up goodies from that icon of B&B fabulousness: LUSH! Folks, they are not called "LUSH" for nothing. The website is an experience. The store is an experience. And every product is an awesome little experience. Today we’ve got two for the bath and two for after the bath.

#1: Sea Vegetable Soap

Blurb: Fun, relaxing days at the beach don't need to be a thing of the past. With Sea Vegetable soap you end up right at the ocean shore. Atlantic sea salt crystals and arame seaweed make you feel like a mermaid as you wash yourself clean with this fabulous soap. Seaweed absolute nourishes the skin and gives it a seaside scent while lavender and lime oils refresh and revive dull skin. Fresh sea ingredients like seaweeds, sea salts, and seawater for providing skin with essential minerals and nourishment. In fact, seaweed is said to be ten times richer in trace elements than plants on land, and like the several varieties used in LUSH products, all the richness is natural. So why not bring a piece of the Ocean to your bathroom with these sea inspired LUSH treats and your skin will love you for it!

This is like having the beach in a bar of soap (with the extra bonus of Seaweed Absolute). It's unusual, fabulous, vegan, and has all kinds of things to nourish your skin (even little bits of seaweed right in the bar). The combination of sea salts, lavender and lime make for a scent that’s crisp, tangy and slightly herbal. Totally reminded me of fresh air, sand, saltwater and sunshine. This would be amazing after a day at the beach – or even after a day when I should have been at the beach (which would actually be most days).

#2: Bathos Bubble Bar

Blurb: Prepare for a long night (the best kind of long night) when you bathe together in soft bubbles and the heady fragrance of jasmine and violet. Bathos leaves skin kissably soft and the scent lingers long after you've retreated to the bedroom.

Did you know that bubble bars are an original invention from LUSH? I ran the bath water (hot), crumbled one under the faucet, and my tub was FULL of gorgeous, luxurious bubbles! The water turned a beautiful lavender and the lovely fragrance lingered in the air long after my bath was done! The fragrance is very floral with a hint of spiciness (I’m guessing from the violets and jasmine) – and, yes, kind of romantic. Which is good, because the company suggests that this one is for bathing together. I agree, this is something you might consider sharing with your significant other. Or…maybe even someone who’s only sort of significant. I’m just saying.

So how about after the bath?

#3: Vanilla Delite Body Lotion

Blurb: Delightfully soothing creamy vanilla scented lotion for your body and hands. The LUSH body creams that come in black pots are thicker ones; the lighter ones, like Vanilla Delite, turn up in bottles (100% recycled of course). It's been named Delite instead of Delight as a joke, not to annoy the writing team. The important thing is that it's made with lovely light oils and butters – including Hawaiian tamanu and monoi – organic coconut water. Use it to scent and soften your skin.

I wholeheartedly agree with the blurb, only I would change it to say, “Use it to scent and soften your skin RIGHT NOW.” If you like vanilla even one teeny bit, this is exactly what you want to put on your skin. And once your skin is covered, you’ll pretty much want to walk around sniffing the bottle all day. Even though it’s light, it softens well. Although I almost wish it didn’t so I could keep applying it.

#4: Soft Coeur (The Honeymooner) Massage Bar

Blurb: Sexy sweet seduction for the skin with milk chocolate and honey. Prepare to get messy with this deliciously romantic concoction of honey, cocoa and natural melty butters, designed for warm, sensual, full-body massages. Be careful not to melt it all at once as you might want to prolong your experience for as long as possible. Make your honeymoon last forever with our best-selling, sweet Soft Coeur.

I had my co-worker (Joanna) be my guest reviewer and try this out (she is crazy about LUSH products too). Joanna told me that it smells SO deliciously chocolatey. She said it definitely softens skin, but can be a bit slippery and is best worn at bedtime (pretty good so far – I’m pretty sure that “slippery” and “bedtime” are what the makers of this had in mind). She also said that it has chocolate chunks that streak your skin brown, but the upside is that chocolate is just about the best thing you can have streaked on your skin! Go, Joanna! Someone at LUSH assured me that the chocolate streaks are entirely lickable. Whoa, man!

So if that significant (or sort of significant) other is still in the vicinity…well then. Just sayin.

Have a great weekend! ;)

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