Saturday, June 6, 2009

New Help for your Hairdo: The Zannclip (review and GIVEAWAY)

Here in the beauty blogging universe we spend a lot of time discussing hair products (shampoo, conditioner, etc.). The thing is, once my hair is all clean, conditioned and protected from heat, weather, the environment, martians, etc., there’s still that little matter that can’t be solved with a bottle. How do I keep my clean, conditioned and protected hair up? And while I’m asking…how do I keep it from sticking out all over the place?

You too?

Well, meet my new favorite hair doodad. Meet the Zannclip.

Blurb: This ingenious spiral bendy hair clip can be used for fine hair, curly hair, thick hair--ANY type of hair. If you can wear your hair up, you can wear this clip! It's easy to use, it will not get tangled if used correctly, and it is so comfortable you can even sleep in it! AND it is plated in either 24K Gold or Platinum (or color). From casual to dressy, the ZannClip (also known as the Spyralclip) is great from morning till night. You can wear to the office, for working out, or a night on the town ... endless possibilities. Whenever you want your hair up and need it to stay up -- from 7am to 7pm it stays put! Best of all, when you decide to take your hair down, it doesn't leave that unsightly dent like so many other barrettes and elastic bands.

To begin with, the Zannclip comes in a huge variety of colors and sizes. It looks a whole lot nicer than one of those big clippie jaws of life things, and it’s really easy to fasten. There’s even a demonstration video.

Of course your big question is probably: “Maria, even though the Zannclip looks good, will it really hold my unruly hair?” Well yes indeed, it will. I put mine on before heading out to buy a swimsuit. Of course there were a million cute tops on sale that I felt obligated to try on too – which meant pulling things over my head all afternoon. And guess what? My Zannclip did not slip or budge. Instead of “Kramer* hair,” at the end of the day; my hair was neat and tidy. And when I took the clip out, there was no crease (aka “barrette head”).

More info: Zannclips are reasonably priced, durable, come in a huge variety of sizes and colors, and are 100% guaranteed. These folks stand behind their products. They offer a thirty day unconditional money-back guarantee, a sixty day exchange or a six-month repair free of charge. In addition to the Zannclip, there’s a selection of gold and platinum plated hair pins and pretty beaded French barrettes. You can buy them online or at Barneys, Henri Bendel and other fine stores.

Now the really important info: The folks who make Zannclips are partnering with me for a giveaway! 2 lucky readers will win any Zannclip of their choice: any, size, any finish, any color.

How to enter: Send an email to me at with a comment about any of my posts (including this one). Put the title of the post in the subject line, and your comment in the body of the email. You have as many chances to win as I have posts – so enter often. Just send a separate email for each. I'll accept entries through Saturday, June 13, and I’ll email the winner on Sunday, June 14. The winner will have 72 hours to respond. If no response, I’ll move to the next randomly selected person. U.S. residents only and GOOD LUCK!

* “Kramer” was that character on Seinfeld with the weird hair. You probably knew that, though.

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