Monday, June 15, 2009

Another Weapon Against the Giant Fuzzball: Living Proof (review)

Did I ever happen to mention that summer in Philadelphia is a hot humid, hair nightmare? Perhaps I’ve observed once or twice that it gets a little damp? Well, I may have to shut up about Philly for a while because I just got back from Atlanta and am deeply humbled. Atlanta humidity is truly spectacular. Thank goodness my friends had spectacular air conditioning.

In an earlier post I described how my hair can become a little, um, “fluffy” in the humidity; so Atlanta was a great opportunity to test out the newest in no-frizz technology from Living Proof.

Blurb: Living Proof was created for the purpose of applying advanced technology to solve the toughest beauty challenges from a completely fresh perspective. We are a team of scientists from outside beauty, led by MIT Institute Professor Dr. Bob Langer, and beauty authorities with a shared vision: to invent efficient formulas based on entirely new molecules and breakthrough technologies for results you can see from across the room. We've got the perfect No Frizz solution designed specifically for your hair type and desired style.

Living Proof has gotten all kinds of praise and even won a Best of Beauty Award from Allure Magazine. Even more promising, my beauty expert friend, Nancy, recommended it. Living Proof uses no oils, no silicones, and promises to get rid of frizz. This new technology works by sealing the hair shaft to block humidity.

I tried out the wave shaping curl defining no frizz styling treatment for thick to coarse hair. I put a little more than a quarter-sized amount on my hands and worked it all through my damp hair. I let it dry naturally and it looked pretty darn good. Lots of curl definition and a little extra shine. Excellent start! Then came the real test: the Atlanta outdoors. I didn’t go jogging or anything (god forbid); but we spent plenty of time outside running errands, sitting on the patio and occasionally strolling around.

At the end of the day…zero frizz. That’s right, instead of a flat goopy mess or a giant fuzzball, I had cute curls. Freaking awesome.

Living Proof has creams, sprays and treatments for all hair types (fine, coarse, straight, curly, etc.). I recommend checking out their website. If you go to their Products page, there’s a great diagnostic tool to help you find the product for your specific needs. There’s even a video. You can also buy their products from Sephora and QVC.

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