Friday, June 19, 2009

i feel silly (oh so silly.)

So you all know that this Sunday is Father's Day? Of course you know! Everybody knows! Well, everyone except me, it seems.

For some reason I thought that Father's Day was last Sunday. So last Sunday I called my dad. He seemed a little surprised, but I didn't think anything of it. I also called my stepdad and left an answering machine message (no one was home and I assumed everyone was out celebrating). When I called my sister later and told her I'd wished our dad Happy Father's Day already, she said, "Really? I thought it was next week!" I assured her that she was wrong.

I guess my dad and stepdad were both too polite and kind to tell me that I had the wrong week. But, now that I know, I'm trying to figure out if I should call everyone back this Sunday for a do-over.

See? Silly. Oh well, at least I was a week early and not a week late!

So now that I seem to have everything straightened out in my head (and on my calendar), here's something cool from AVEDA. You can send your Dad a free e-card for father's day and enter to win Aveda gifts sets. Read below!

With just a few days left until Father’s Day, you might be wondering what to buy. Here at Aveda we know that being a father can be a thankless job. It shouldn’t be. Let him know what he means to you. Say “thanks, man” to your favorite father today. Choose your message, personalize your gratitude with a free Father’s Day e-card, and enter to win gift sets from Aveda for you and your favorite father too. Along with the e-card, he’ll receive a free Aveda Men sample offer and a chance to enter and win the Aveda gift set giveaway for you both. Visit today.

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This might even be a pretty good way for me to re-wish everyone Happy Father's Day! J

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