Thursday, June 18, 2009

Mattify Me! More Awesomeness from AWAKE (review)

Summer is just a few days away! And along with all the longer days and extra fun, it's also a time when my complexion begins to go from glowy to downright shiny. Of course I'm sure you have absolutely no idea what I'm talking about. But just in case you do, over the next few weeks, I'll be checking out some products that help control oil (and/or breakouts).

I'm starting with one of my all time favorite, fabulous brands: Awake Cosmetics. In the past I've discussed some of their makeup, but their skincare products are equally fabulous.

Company Blurb: Stress Free Skin. AWAKE utilizes state-of-the art Japanese technology to incorporate natural botanicals into formulations that are gentle enough for sensitive skin. Each product is designed to take a targeted approach that addresses specific skin concerns. Mineral oil-free, hypo-allergenic and fragrance-free (with the exception of the Polyphection Skincare Series and Paradise Call).

I've been trying out two new items and I LOVE them!

Deep Purity Clay Wash

Blurb: A foaming exfoliating wash formulated with natural sea clay to effectively absorb excess oils, help minimize the appearance of pores and prevent acne formation. The acne-fighting formula contains exfoliating plant fibers to rid skin of dulling impuities.

Wowee! I am trying really hard to think of another word besides "fabulous," but so far I can't. Because this wash is, well…fabulous. I wet my face, lathered it up in my hands and gently washed my face (it's very foamy). After I rinsed, my face was smooth and clean, clean, clean (without feeling tight or dry)! This wash pretty much chased away every bit of oil and told it never to come back. Like I said, fabulous.

Day Matteness

Blurb: A light-textured primer that enhances makeup application by controlling sebum and eliminating shine throughout the day. Used as a foundation primer, it instantly gives skin an even, silky tone and provides a refined finish even on the most shine-prone areas. Thyme and Japanese Coptis Extract keep oil in check, while Peppermint Extract minimizes pore size.

I totally love this. Because it totally works. It works as a primer (my pores looked smaller, my skin was smoother and my makeup looked better) and it was GREAT at controlling shine. My t-zone stayed shine free for hours. And here's some extra goodness: when my skin did get a little shiny in the late afternoon, I dabbed some on the shiny areas and they mattified instantly!

I'll probably check out some of their other things later. AWAKE also has a Sebum regulating lotion and the cutest little pack of blotting papers ever. Visit their website and click the Special Offers button while you're there.

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