Monday, June 1, 2009

Drama, Glamour and Sparkly Fun from NARS

Hi everyone, I’m back from my trip – and so happy to not be traveling! Since I went by car this time, I didn’t have to worry about how much I could squeeze in my carry on and I totally over packed. I brought way too much stuff. It was awesome.

Speaking of awesome; I feel the need to discuss some awesome eye shadows from NARS (I know, again?) that I have been LOVING! In addition to the previously mentioned Night Rider, I have also been playing around with two other fabulous shades: Tropic (from the 09 Summer Collection) and Galapagos. Take a look:

Tropic (matte teal with silver particles)

Galapagos (rich bronze with gold flecks) The pictures never do them justice – they are way more sparkly in real life.

Besides the glamorous flecks and particles, you get bold, vivid colors. And I love them so! As eye shadows, the gorgeous, deep colors manage to be both dramatic and flattering. THEN I wet my eyeliner brush and used them to line my eyes…AMAZING! I got carried away and did a really bold line, but you could also use a thin eyeliner brush to get a more subtle effect.

Okay I just had to get that out of my system (I kept thinking about this during my long drive home). You can buy NARS on the NARS website, Sephora,, and places like bloomingdales and Saks.

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