Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Fresh and Sexy: My Bath with Diana B.

One of the great things about bath and body products is that there is always something new. Which means we get to choose from all kinds of amazing, gorgeous products. This week I’m focusing on things that are a little bit new or different. A perfect example is Diana B. Beauty - they really seem to be hitting the mark with their innovative approach.

Blurb: Imagine products that indulge the senses with perfume quality fragrances, extraordinary textures, hydrating and nourishing formulas that literally turn skin to silk. What began as one sugar scrub has blossomed into a beautiful line with the potential to transform your skin, formulations based in natural science, made with powerful ingredients.

For Bath Week, I tried out their heavenly Sugar Scrubs and Body Lotions in two fragrances: Green Tea Desert Grapefruit and Peach Frangipani.

First the Sugar Scrubs:
Blurb: The foundation of the BODY CARE line is the extraordinary collection of SUGAR SCRUBS, each is pure, natural, completely oil, wax and chemical free, safe to use on the most sensitive skin. DIANA B. SUGAR SCRUBS are the only products available anywhere that use cane sugar syrup and the unique use of maple syrup in lieu of oil. This last ingredient is filled with minerals and has remarkable healing properties. All fragrance combinations are unique to DIANA B.

This scrub is an outstanding treat for your skin! And it really is oil-free. (Cane sugar syrup and maple syrup are used instead of oil – whoa, man!) It’s a luxurious, invigorating scrub that left my skin polished and smooth – but with absolutely no oily residue. Not on me and not on the tub. My skin loved it and my bathroom smelled amazing for hours!

Next the Body Lotions:
Blurb: Powerfully hydrating. Luxuriously scented. DIANA B. Body Lotion will transform the look and feel of your skin. Use daily after shower or bath to renew, hydrate and beautify dry, tired skin. Enriched with marine oils, aloe vera and sugar extracts.

Again, I’m so fascinated by the use of sugar extracts in their products. This lotion is a smooth, lightweight formula that absorbs quickly (perfect for summer weather).


I really need to sing the praises of these scents because they are to die for! The Peach Frangipani scent is beautiful and unique. It smells exactly like fresh peaches and frangipani flowers. There’s also a little hint of pepper. The total effect is feminine, sexy and exotic without being overpowering.

The Green Tea Desert Grapefruit is my favorite. I love citrus/green tea combinations and Diana B. has gotten it exactly right. It’s citrusy and fresh, but a little complex too. I want to get a candle in this scent for every room!

Diana B. also makes bath gels, face products, candles and their super famous 60-second Instant Miracle Tan. The other fragrances worth checking out are: Maple Sugar Lychee Nut, Black Fig and…Chocolate! Whoa, man!

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