Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I Heart Sally Hansen

Yay! More cool stuff for summer!

I have been checking out some new colors from Sally Hansen and they are awesome! I'm pretty picky about which nail polish brands I use and Sally Hansen has some of the best formulas around. They go on well, dry beautifully and last. I always use their Salon Double Life Base & Top Coat and I've been a huge fan of their XTreme Wear colors since I discovered them last year.

And now two of their new lines have some fabulous colors for summer.

Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Fast Dry Nail Color

Blurb: One Stroke! One Coat! Done! One-stroke application. One-coat coverage. Dries in 60 seconds! Perfectionist Brush™ delivers a fast, flawless application that dries to a shiny finish in 60 seconds. Exclusive formula with Flexiglass Complex® for brilliant shine.

I totally love these - the new colors are bold and gorgeous! I tested out the 'Lickety Split Lime' over the weekend. The wide brush with the rounded edge makes application easy, and this formula really does dry in 60 seconds. Not only that, the finish is shiny and really long lasting. Here are the colors:

This awesome photo is from the website: All Laquered Up

Instant Iris
Coral Rush
Flyin' Fuschia
Rapidly Rosy
Orange You Fast
Lemon Dash
Lickety Split Lime
Brisk Blue

Sally Hansen HD Hi-Definition Nail Color

Blurb: Introducing the Latest Fashion Accessory For Nails! The Color: Pure, vivid pigments with multi-dimensional color & vibrance. The Technology: Patented formula with Real Liquid Crystals for multi-dimensional color and iridescent shine! The Result: Dazzling, Lustrous High-Definition Color. Available in 8 Luminous Shades!

Luminous is right. These bottles look like little jewels on my table. Today I am wearing 'Hi Def' and I can't stop looking at my nails. The sparkly, glamorous color dried to a great glassy shine. Here are the colors:

This awesome photo is also from the website: All Laquered Up

Three D
Hi Def
Pixell Pretty
Digital (not shown) – a hot coral pink

Sally Hansen is super budget-friendly and easy to find – great when you need a girly pick-me-up. Sally Hansen is available at drugstores, grocery stores, Target, Ulta, Shopping.com, drugstore.com and just about everywhere else.


  1. I have the yello InstaDri and love it! I've heard nothing about good things about her HD colleciton. Sally makes some very good nail products. I'd love to try her lip products.

  2. The yellow insta-dri looks really cool. The HD also has a really nice looking yellow (Lite), I may try that one first since I'm into shiny this week.