Saturday, June 20, 2009

Mattify Me! Clarify Me!: Dermalogica (review)

Oooh, look at the time! Due to extreme laziness, I am running way behind schedule (so my post is extra late).

Today I’m continuing with my survey of products for de-shining oily and/or problem skin (aka: my skin). Besides too much extra shine in the summer, some of us (aka: me) also get a little more breakout prone. Enter Dermalogica. Dermalogica skincare has products for just about every skincare need you can think of. The three I’m featuring today are perfect for keeping your complexion fresh and clear. They contain…Salycilic Acid.

(Warning! Science talk ahead!)

I usually talk about products with Benzoyl Peroxide, but I fully realize that it’s not for everyone. Lots of people can’t tolerate BP (or it just doesn’t work for them). The other widely effective ingredient for battling breakouts is Salicylic Acid. Salicylic acid works mainly as an exfoliant. It helps slough away dead skin cells and unclog pores. Salicylic acid is especially helpful because of its ability to penetrate the follicle. It reduces the number of pore blockages (and breakouts).

Okay, wake up, I’m done. Here are the three products.

Clearing Skin Wash

Blurb: A naturally foaming cleanser that is the perfect start to around-the-clock control of breakouts, comedones and excess surface oils. Designed to treat adult acne and the needs of adult skin. A synergistic anti-acne combination of licorice, milk thistle, lemon, arnica and bergamot botanicals helps soothe while preventing future breakouts. Salicylic acid stimulates natural exfoliation, helping to clear impacted follicles and minimize acne formation. Tea tree, eucalyptus, golden seal and matricaria help eliminate acne-causing bacteria.

I am completely impressed with this cleanser! It’s extremely gentle and effective. It had great lather (use a tiny amount) and it cleaned my skin thoroughly. And even though it removed every bit of grime and makeup; it left my skin smooth, soothed and refreshed. All that plus great acne-fighting ingredients!

Overnight Clearing Gel

Blurb: An overnight treatment that helps clear skin, calm inflammation and prevent future breakouts by reducing excess sebum, removing impaction plugs and eliminating bacteria. Tea tree helps inhibit bacteria while helping to heal and soothe skin. Green tea helps soothe irritation brought on by breakouts. Unique blend of botanicals inhibits overactive sebaceous activity and purifies to promote skin clarity.

This is a great overnight treatment. What I love is that it didn’t over dry my skin. It’s soothing, fights breakouts and even fights the after-breakout pigmentation!

Oil Control Lotion

Blurb: A hydrating, oil-free, featherlight lotion containing additional microsponges to help absorb even more oil on skin’s surface and maintain an all-day matte finish. Active sebum regulating complex helps control oil production while enantia chlorantha bark extract helps reduce oily shine. Zinc gluconate and caffeine help regulate sebum production to minimize excess surface oils. Salicylic acid helps clear impacted follicles and minimize acne formation. Hyssopus helps prevent future breakouts.

Another good one! This does double duty – it keeps you shine free and goes to work all day to keep your skin clear. I tried it a few different ways and I liked it best when I applied it right before my sunscreen. The texture was very light, it absorbed quickly into my skin and felt absolutely weightless. And it worked - the oil control was excellent and lasted most of the day. A+!

All three products are part of the mediBac Clearing system and are free of artificial fragrance and color. Other items in the mediBac system include some very convenient-looking Skin Purifying Wipes and a Special Clearing Booster. You can find these on their website, Ulta (stores only), and online stores like Dermstore and SkinCareRx..

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