Saturday, May 9, 2009

From the “Nancy” files: Tweeze Appeal (Review)

In my first post, I mentioned my super fashionista friend, Nancy. Nancy knows things. Her skin and hair look amazing…because she knows things. Nancy is an encyclopedia of beauty and skincare information. I really think she should be the one with the blog, but I couldn’t talk her into starting one. Luckily, I still get the benefit of her vast knowledge. And one thing I have learned is that when she suggests a product, I should just shut up and try it. Like I said, she knows things.

One of the best things ever that Nancy suggested was a little contraption called the Tweeze Appeal Precision Hair Remover.

Blurb: Tired of waxing or electrolysis? Eliminate these tedious regimens with our Tweeze Appeal Precision Hair Remover. It attracts hair like magnet, grasps and removes it from the root with pinpoint accuracy. Unlike razors and trimmers that cause stubble, this leaves your skin silky smooth and your hair is slow to grow back.

Here’s my review in a nutshell: It works. Go buy one now.

Okay, a little more detail. In addition to long eyelashes and olive skin; the Italian side of the family also passed along the gene for unsightly facial hair. If I’m not constantly vigilant, I look like a Sicilian widow in about 4 days. Pre-Tweeze Appeal; I was constantly plucking, as well occasionally waxing and using chemical depilatories. On my face. All the freaking time. Post-Tweeze Appeal; I run a little gadget over my chin, jaw line and upper lip on a regular basis and that’s it. Done. No hair. No mess. No stubble. Awesome.

Now to be sure, Tweeze Appeal isn’t perfect. It’s kind of noisy, and it definitely stung a little at first (since it is actually plucking). I’m completely used to it now, though, and I can even use it on my upper lip without any sensitivity. It’s also great for a quick tidying up between the eyebrows. I recommend you start with small areas at first depending on how sensitive you are.

Some day, I will be able to lay out the big bucks and get rid of my facial hair permanently. But until then; I’m pretty happy to follow Nancy’s savvy advice and keep my face smooth for $16.95 plus the price of occasional replacement batteries.

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  1. This helped! On Amazon there's only three reviews so I needed more insight on the product Thanks!