Thursday, April 21, 2011

Gettin all Glowy: NEW Paul & Joe Protective Fluid Foundation S SPF 27 (review)

I’ve been feeling very commemorative and nostalgic this week. (For lots of reasons.) I’ve been thinking about people I’ve met this year, things that have changed, a new year of blogging, etc.

I’ve also been thinking about how the world and life has changed since I was a kid. Yesterday I was driving with a friend of mine, and she was talking to someone on her cell. It hit me all over again that we can now get a hold of people while we’re in the car. I remember a time when the only people who could do that were TV spies and oil tycoons.

This morning, I was talking about Star Trek with someone; and after I was done laughing at all the awesome Klingon quotes, it struck me that the crew’s “communicators” looked a whole lot like our cell phones. We talk on communicators now. In the car. Magic.

Have I completely wandered of the subject of beauty? Not really. Cosmetic products have come a long way too. Makeup has gotten incredibly refined, and skincare technology has advanced way beyond the old days of cold cream and cucumbers. Even sun protection has gotten way more sophisticated. What’s better…companies have managed to combine beauty with skincare and protection. Companies like Paul & Joe Beaute.

Protective Fluid Foundation S (SPF 27)

Blurb: Even in the extreme heat of summer, this foundation will keep your skin in its best condition ever! Keeps refreshing, sensuous skin free from makeup deterioration all day, with a hint of peppermint extract and unique 3 tiered structure. SPF 27 PA ++ ( USA)

Remember when sun protection meant white goop on your nose? Not any more. Now protection comes in the form of a creamy foundation in a pretty retro bottle. In addition to the high SPF, this foundation provides medium coverage that glides on, blends like a dream and creates an elegant, glowy finish.

An extra surprise was the fabulous staying power. I wore it all day yesterday; and even though the temperature hovered around 80° at one point, I managed to get through the day without re-applying. It even kept oiliness at bay!

The website is pretty cool. In addition to the what's new and fashion sections; you can also download screen savers. There’s also a page where you can find shop info.

(ftc disclosure: sample/product received from manufacturer or representative)

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