Friday, April 22, 2011

Feelin all Funky (on Hair Care Friday): Uncle Funky’s Daughter Cleanser & Conditioner (review)

Today I raced through all the work on my desk; and now it’s time for a nice beauty break before I race through all of my errands. I have a gigantic busy weekend coming up, so there’s a whole lot that needs to be done (including buying some waffle mix).

But first things first…here are two lovely items from a line I just learned about. Uncle Funky's Daughter.

Rich and Funky Moisturizing Cleanser

Blurb: All pause when you walk into the room with supple curls cleansed by our Rich and Funky Moisturizing Cleanser. A 'truly' sulfate-free, foamy cleanser that delivers loads of moisture and detangling effects. Long-lasting, concentrated formula with a clean, fresh natural scent. Sulfate-free. No synthetic dyes. PETA Friendly.

Richee Rich Moisturizing Conditioner

Blurb: Mama nature says have it all and a dose of avocado oil with our creamy conditioner. This is the most luxurious conditioner on the market for textured hair and the price doesn't punch you in the pocketbook. Creamy, pliable formula spreads well and a little goes a long way. Light, fresh citrus scent.

Blurb (about the company): Uncle Funky’s Daughter believes that authentic, natural beauty is one of the greatest gifts of life. We strive to foster inclusive harmonies that encourage an appreciation for the environment in which we live, a respect for the culture of other human beings and a divine love, knowledge and appreciation of self. Simply said, Be Free to Be You.

I have to admit that the name, and the company’s philosophy are so awesome that I already liked the products before I opened a single bottle. Luckily, I liked them even more after I tried them out.

This line is marketed for textured hair; but I loved the way it treated my Hispanic/Mediterranean curls. The Cleanser is sulfate free (good news for those of us with color treated curls). It cleaned extremely well, got rid of buildup, and still moisturized and detangled.

The Conditioner was rich, creamy, and super moisturizing (and you really do only need a little bit). It went a long way towards finishing the detangling process (always a big deal with curly hair), and it left my hair soft and manageable. My curls seemed moisturized without being weighed down.

The website is fabulous. The "know us better" page is excellent reading, and you can also browse the products, watch a video, explore the salon or use the store locator to find out where to buy in person.

(ftc disclosure: sample/product received from manufacturer or representative)


  1. Love UFD's Richee Rich and Rich and Funky. Work well on my super curly hair. Love the company and it's gracious founder Tonya. I believe this is the rising star to watch on the natural hair care scene.

  2. You may be right - it's good stuff!