Friday, April 15, 2011

Friday Fabulousness: black15in1 Miracle Hair Treatment

I am so curious about this treatement. It’s a hybrid that’s supposed to be part styling product, part leave-in. Check it out…

One Week Towards Adjusting the [Hair] Hand You're Dealt!

Hair identity is an ever-important element of personal style. From curly and frizz-prone to straight and lifeless, is challenging natural texture just simply the [hair] hand you're dealt or can the right products redefine your beauty destiny?

black 15in1 Miracle Hair Treatment is a cutting-edge hybrid that's part styling product and part leave-in treatment, boasting fifteen hair-altering benefits that include shine, detangling, moisturizing, body enhancing and heat and color protection. Clinically proven to garner results for some of the most fussed-over hair issues, black 15in1 dramatically improves hair woes in as little as seven days.

In a recent clinical trial, over 70% of subjects reported that their hair was significantly less frizzy after using the product for one week. Nearly the same percentage claimed that the product immediately softened and smoothed their locks, with this number jumping to an impressive 97% after only a week of using black 15in1.

Go from frizzy and unruly to sleek and sophisticated like black 15in1 fan Mena Suvari at a recent event in LA. Other celebrity fans of black15in1 include Ashlee Simpson, Vanessa Minnillo, Odette Yustman and Jessica Stroup.

black 15in1 Miracle Hair Treatment features key ingredients, including: Aloe Vera-hydrates and softens hair; Marigold Flower Extract-releases soothing, anti-inflammatory properties for oily/sensitive skin; Green Tea Leaf Extract-provides anti-oxidant benefits; Hydrolyzed Yeast Protein-minimizes dryness; Keratin-provides surface protection and moisture; Licorice Extract-a UVA/UVB, anti-pigmenting rays absorber; Pro-Vitamin B5-binds and seals hair shaft to retain maximum benefits; Silk Amino Acids/Proteins-prevents dehydration; Sunflower Seed-softens and smoothes hair cuticle, among others.

Adds Shine
Softens and Smoothes
Prevents Frizz and Fly-Aways
Protects Against Humidity
Repairs Dry, Damaged Hair
Protects Against Heat Styling
Enhances Natural Body
Seals and Protects Hair Color
Protects from UV Light
Strengthens Hair
Adds Volume
Soothes Dry Scalp
Works Instantly

Proving that a mere matter of days can distinguish between hair that's hazardous and hair that's healed, black 15in1 can put you on the fast track to soft, smooth and frizz-free locks. Available in a TSA-approved size of 100ml for $20.00 and a 30ml travel size for $10, black15in1 is available online at and salons across the country.

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