Friday, April 15, 2011

Friday Fabulousness: Help Remedies - help I have a headache

I’m trying to distract you all from tax issues by posting some of the cool beauty news I received. But just in case I can’t completely distract you – here’s another kind of help. If you live in New York City, read how you can score free samples of “help I have a headache”…

Help Remedies: Your Headache Saver on Tax Day!

April 15th...actually, April 18th (this year) - undoubtedly one of THE most dreaded days. Tax time is daunting and number crunching leads to stress, headaches, fatigue and sometimes lunacy! Help Remedies, makers of simple medicine have just the thing to subside your pain, return your blurred vision to normal and restore your ability to relax and think of things other than income tax returns!

“help I have a headache” uses the perfect dose of acetaminophen and the fewest possible fillers, coatings and dyes to eliminate the pain before you hit your breaking point. Hopefully the only green you’ll be seeing after April 18th is extra cash in your wallet!

Here in NY, Help Remedies has made it their mission to save the aching minds of tax-payers, city-wide. If you’re one of the many procrastinators...rushing to file your returns at the only open-til-midnight post office in New York’re in luck! Score free samples of “help I have a headache” from the Help Remedies Tax-Day Relief Team, conveniently stationed outside the James Farley Post Office – 421 8th Ave, at 31st Street. They’re open late and help will be there!

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