Monday, February 8, 2010

If You Wear Red Every Day: "Rita" from Brow Diva

Last week was the big lead up to Wear Red Day; but some of you redheads were so there already! Read up about Brow Diva's new line just for you…

Listen Up Redheads!

Brow Diva to the rescue with eyebrow products in hues just for you!

True redheads often face challenges when it comes to their brows. Oftentimes it is because their brows are naturally lighter than a blonde even. And without the right products, brows can get lost or look washed out. With so few products on the market to address this hard to match (yet universally coveted) hair color,

Brow Diva is proud to offer “Rita” Brow Base and Brow Powder (

Inspired by the gorgeous and timeless Rita Hayworth, “Rita” Brow Base and Brow Powder are specially formulated to meet the needs of all redheads, from light strawberry reds to vibrant coppery reds.

The Brow Base is a wax based product that is a must have for anyone suffering from sparse brows. May be used alone or in conjunction with other Brow Diva products for more intense color. Apply the Brow Base onto the brow using the Duo Brow Brush. Use short light strokes starting closest to the nose, filling in sparse areas and places where new growth is desired. Soften application using the spooly end of the Duo Brow Brush for natural, soft cover.

The Brow Powder is a uniquely formulated powder that offers lasting color with the ease of sheer, soft application. This product is appropriate for all brow types. If you have naturally dense brows, this may be the only product you need. Using the angled end of the Duo Brow Brush, dab brush into powder and blend the powder into the brush by dabbing on the back of your hand. Apply to entire brow area using a light touch and short strokes starting at the base of your brow closest to the nose and blend up and out to naturally enhance your brow shape.

Created by brow sculpting expert, aka “The Brow Diva” Deanna Netti Cahill, the Brow Diva product line consists of all the necessities for making eyebrows look their best. With over 20 years of experience in the brow sculpting industry, Deanna developed a product line that would work for everyone, with a selection of colors that complement different skin tones and shades of hair. In addition to a product line, Deanna opened the Brow Diva studio in Rochester, NY in 2005, the only one of its kind specializing exclusively in women and men’s brow sculpting and grooming. “Eyebrows are one of your most noticeable and important features,” says Deanna. “I love how my customers leave the studio looking automatically refreshed and radiant and now with the product line everyone can feel gorgeous and confident!”

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