Thursday, February 25, 2010

Smoothing Things Over: Perricone Ceramic Skin Smoother (review)

Well I’m afraid I was not a very cheerful girl earlier. I fully expected that today would be a snow day; so I spent most of yesterday evening getting ready and laying in supplies. I also stayed up way too late doing a fun little project (because I thought I could stay home and sleep this morning).

And…surprise! There was snow, but it didn’t stick. Which meant no snow day. Which meant I had to get up at my regular (early) time and drag my sorry, sleep-deprived butt into work. Which also meant I was kind of a Little Miss Cranky Pants for most of the day. It was rough, I tell ya. I started to snap out of it in the afternoon (the chocolate muffin may have had something to do with it); but I didn’t get all the way back to my happy place until I got home. So I’ve decided to write about something that goes…smoothly. How about some smoothness from Perricone MD?

Ceramic Skin Smoother

Blurb: Instantly fills lines and wrinkles for a flawless finish. This oil-free treatment instantly fills lines and wrinkles with Microspheres and corrects skin imperfections, while diminishing the appearance of enlarged pores. Ceramic Skin Smoother also provides long lasting anti-aging benefits and antioxidant protection with DMAE and Fullerenes.

Talk about things going as planned - this product does every single thing it claims! It’s an excellent, excellent primer that does an amazing job of smoothing out my complexion. Yet it seems to disappear almost immediately, leaving a perfect surface for foundation. I was also really wowed by how much better my pores looked. I’m a little self-conscious about my pores, but not when I’m using this primer! What also impressed me was how much longer my makeup lasted. I had this primer under a tinted moisturizer in a really overheated room, and I couldn’t believe how well it stayed put. And just to make it all that much better, Perricone added anti-aging and antioxidant ingredients into the mix. Smooth move, Dr. Perricone!

The website is choc full of product info, skin info and even diet info. You can also find Perricone at Sephora, QVC and

Happy Non-Snow Day Thursday!


  1. Wowow. If that's true then i'd have to get my hands on that pore smoother!

  2. wow.. its great post.. nice information about skin smoother.