Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Olympic Winter Beauty Tips: Intraceuticals

Winter is everywhere today. Over here we're battening down the hatches and waiting for another storm. Would this be a good time to contemplate a few beauty tips? Answer: yes it would. Read on…

Winter Skincare Tips from Makeup Artist Kris Evans
Just in time for the Winter Olympics!

Makeup artist Kris Evans is onsite at the Olympic games, and shares a few secrets to keeping skin looking great in harsh winter weather in places like Vancouver, home of the 2010 Winter Olympics.

Keep Skin Hydrated from Within
Maintaining hydration in the body helps to keep skin balanced and glowing.

“The cold can wreak havoc on the skin because of the dryness. There are a number of things one can do to help keep the skin moist and hydrated. I am a firm believer in working from the inside out. Drinking lots of water is a given but also taking the skin vitamins is a must. Those are Vitamins D, E and C as well as fish oil and
B complex. We tend to consume more hot drinks when it is cold and usually with lots of caffeine. Caffeine depletes the moisture in the skin that is so important.”

Replenish Moisture
Skin can become red and irritated when it’s easy problem to solve with the Intraceuticals two-step hydration systems that supplies the skin with moisture then seals it in to protect skin from harsh climates.

“Wind and cold tend to chafe the skin, especially if you are outside a great deal, so it is really important to protect the skin. I really like
Intraceuticals Rejuvenate skin care regime because it replenishes the moisture in the skin. The Hydration Gel is a great product to counteract skin dehydration that is so prevalent to cold weather. The Moisture Binding Cream really soothes and conditions the skin with its squalene and hyaluronic acid.”

Protect Skin from Further Damage
UV rays are damaging to the skin even on cold, gray days. Spending a lot of time outside for sports or other winter fun can make you particularly susceptible to damaging rays.

“I cannot stress enough how important a good sunscreen is for your skin. Because it is cold we tend to forget that the ultra violet rays can be as strong in the winter as in the summer. Combine that with the wind and cold and your skin can take a real beating. I suggest a high SPF especially if you are skiing, as the snow acts as a reflector and intensifies the sun’s rays."

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