Monday, February 1, 2010

The Unexpected: Remington® Frizz Therapy Iron (review)

Hey all. You may have noticed that I didn't post this weekend. I got an unexpected project for the next couple of months; so I'm giving myself a break and only posting on weekdays. No worries, though, there will still be plenty of cool beauty stuff during the week!

Speaking of unexpected, I decided to start off the new month with something different. Like…new hair! Well, not exactly "new," but straight instead of curly. Just to change things up a little. February unexpectedness brought to you by Remington®.

Remington® Frizz Therapy Iron

Blurb: The revolutionary Frizz Therapy Iron is the first flat iron to use frizz-resistant technology to protect hair from the outdoor elements, dramatically diminishing frizz (65% less than a traditional iron) and firmly resisting humidity all day (up to 15 hours) to maintain a silky smooth style. The iron employs next generation ceramic plates with special porous properties infused with a blend of frizz-resistant micro-conditioners that are emitted during styling. Complete with digital heat settings that range from 300°-430°F and a one-hour auto-safety shut off, the Frizz Therapy Iron is the newest must-have for sleek, frizz-free hair!

Except for a brief "Farrah" phase (best forgotten), I've pretty much always been a curly girl; so "going straight" sounded kind of fun. I decided to try out the Remington after I posted that it got a rave from Good Houskeeping. Being an amateur hair straightener, I didn't want to just use any old thing.

Whoa! To begin with this was a huge amount of fun! Partly because the iron worked fabulously and partly because it was really cool to see myself with straight hair. This iron is really, really easy to use. I have absolutely no straightening skills and I managed to get all of my thick, curly hair straightened in less than 20 minutes. It couldn't believe how easy it was. The temperature adjusts very easily, the plates heat quickly; and I only had to go over each section once to get it poker straight. My hair looked shiny, and it was even kind of "swingy."

Of course once I got my hair all straightened, I realized that I was way overdue for a haircut. So I decided not to wear it to work until I get my hair all tidied up later this week. But I wanted to make sure to do a frizz test. Since the weather outside is bone dry, I turned on the hot shower and filled the bathroom with steam. I stood in the steamy bathroom for about 15 minutes; and I'm pleased to report that there was not a hint of frizz. My hair stayed straight and shiny. Excellent!! I cannot wait to play with this again!

The Frizz Therapy Iron is available at Amazon, Target and other retailers.

Need to start your month/week with more unexpectedness? Check out this video that a co-worker of mine spotted:

Happy Monday!

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