Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Here's Comes the Snow…And The Sun! Blue Lizard Australian Sunscreen – Sensitive (review)

Why am I reviewing a sunscreen the day before another snowstorm? Well because snowfall is generally followed by outdoor activities. From fun things (like skiing and sledding), to slightly less fun things (like shoveling). And the bright sunshine is just a little bit brighter when it's reflected off of all those little crystals. Which means it's the perfect time to review a sunscreen. Especially if you're on the way to the store to stock up on bread and milk (and chocolate). Today it's a sunscreen from Blue Lizard.

Australian Sunscreen - Sensitive (SPF 30+)

Blurb: Chemical Free. Fragrance Free. Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide Protection. UVA/UVB Protection for Sensitive Skin. Bottle turns blue in UV light. Dermatologist Recommended

I've tried a lot of sunscreens and was still really impressed with this one. It uses barrier sunscreens (zinc oxide and titanium dioxide), and comes in a cool bottle that turns blue in UV light (how cool is that?).

I was told to apply a generous amount. At first I was a little worried at the white cast; but it absorbed quickly and the cast disappeared. And once it was absorbed, there was no odor or greasy feeling. In fact, it felt really comfortable. My neck is really sensitive (especially in the winter), and there was no irritation at all. I even tried it on my face and was pleased at how well it sank in. And it sat almost as well as a primer under my foundation.

If you want to stock up, you might want to visit the website and take advantage of their Winter Customer Appreciation Specials (1. All orders over $75 receive 10% off their order, free shipping and a free sample of Sulfo Lo Soap - enter Promo Code: 75 at check out. 2. All orders over $100: receive 15% off the order, free shipping and a free sample of Sulfo Lo Soap - enter Promo Code: 100 at check out). Blue Lizard can also be found in grocery stores, drugstores, and online at sites like, Amazon and CVS.

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