Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Smell Pretty When You Get There: Flowerbykenzo Eau de Parfum

One of the main reasons I started a beauty blog was to talk in excessive detail about beauty and skincare products. Of course, I could do this without starting a blog; but I suspect that I would stop getting invited to places. The whole blog thing lets me ramble on and on and still keep my friends (well, most of them…now I'm turning into one of those people who keeps telling everyone to "check out my blog." Yeesh.)

Anyway, when I do get invited to places; I actually get to wear some of the fab items that I go on and on about. It's all good, I tell ya! One of the aforementioned fab items that I have been wearing a lot lately is a fragrance by Kenzo.

Flowerbykenzo Eau de Parfum

Blurb: A vital link to keep us in touch with nature. FLOWERBYKENZO, the power of a singular, strong, pure and sensual flower. A nomadic flower, taking root in the asphalt. A flower in the city. The red poppy has no scent. Kenzo created its fragrance.

I have to admit, I didn't know anything about the whole "nomadic flower taking root in the asphalt thing." I got it as a sample and loved the way it smelled. And when I wore it, I got compliments left and right. I finally checked it out online, and that's when I found out about the "flower in the city" part. Whoa, man!

Some very super, kind, sweet adorable person was nice enough to give me my very own little mini set and I have been wearing it a lot. This fragrance somehow manages to combine so many elements without seeming busy or complicated. It's floral, a little powdery, and has rich hints of vanilla. It's both sweet and warm. Hard to explain, but this fragrance can go just about anywhere.

Check out the website and take a look at the whole Flowerbykenzo collection. There's an awesome looking body milk and a pearly cream that I've got my eye on. Just sayin. You might also stop by and try a little spritz.

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