Friday, December 4, 2009

High-Brow Friday: Christi Harris Precision Brow Planing System

Even though I consider myself a serious beauty junkie; there is one aspect of beauty gadgets and products that never really caught my attention. Brows. I have pretty nice eyebrows, so I never got too interested in brow products. It follows then, that I have extremely limited eyebrow grooming experience/expertise. So when I heard that the system by Christi Harris could be used by a complete novice; I decided to try it out.

Precision Brow Planing System

Blurb: A well groomed brow gives a lifting and softening effect to the face, unlike any other cosmetic application can do. Bushy, skimpy, shapeless or browless...this system is the solution for all brow ages and stages. Tweezing, waxing and aging result in permenant loss of brow hair. Christi's planer gently glides over the skin to remove the hair, leaving no skin damage, redness or irritation! The Precision Brow Planer gives you a sleek, clean line without gaps that no other method can. It gives you perfect brows now and forever! 16 to 60, all brows are sparse somewhere. Some a little, some a lot. Adda Brow makes a sparse brow full again and looks completely natural. Color Blend Trio blends to match any brow color and is easy to blend to create an even tone. The easy step by step guidelines allow YOU to become your own brow expert to give a personal brow shape that frames and balances your face shape. The professional quality brushes are purposely designed for easy brow maintenance.

To start with, the packaging is excellent. Everything comes in a neat, cute, complete kit (it even has its own nice-sized mirror). The kit is so self-contained; you could literally sit at your desk and groom your brows (not that you'd ever dream of doing that).

This is perfect for someone (like me) who has no experience (or patience) with the eyebrow area. The instructions for designing the shape of the brow were pretty good. And the video instructions on the website were excellent. The kit contains every brush and color item you could possibly need for shaping and filling out brows.

The main component of the system is the brow planer. I really love the idea of the planer. It doesn't groom by plucking. It's almost like shaving (without the fear that would accompany having an actual razor near your eye). I was able to groom the area above my brow and get a very smooth line right off the bat. Grooming under the brow (on the brow bone) took a little more practice, but I was also able to get nice results. I used the Adda-Brow to bring my brow a little bit farther out, but since my brows tend to be more bushy than sparse, I didn't have a lot of need for filling in.

I recommend going to the website and watching the excellent video guides before you start. You can also check out some of the additional products while you're there.


  1. I'm glad your doin this. I wanted to but with a 3-year-old, a house to clean, gettin in workouts and husband to keep on track I don't have time. Thanks.

  2. Wow - I'm amazed you even have a minute to read my posts! You go!