Saturday, December 5, 2009

Tope: Pevonia Botanica SpaTeen™ Kit - Blemished Skin (review)

I have been thoroughly impressed with Pevonia Botanica ever since last summer. I may never make it to one of their spas; but I am just crazy about everything I’ve tried from their gigantic selection of at-home spa products.

(Note to readers: I am fully aware that I am not a teen. But I do get breakouts; and therefore, felt fairly qualified to test this out.)

SpaTeen™ Kit - Blemished Skin

Blurb: Pevonia SpaTeen™ is proven-effective to address your dry, sensitive, or combination skin! Truly effective and unlike any other teen products, SpaTeen™ Blemished Skin Types Kit is packaged in a convenient travel pouch. Seriously effective and unlike any other teen acne program, SpaTeen™ Blemished Skin Line counteracts acne, clears breakouts, blackheads, and clogged pores. Gentle, non-irritant, and non-drying formulas combine to eliminate excess oiliness. Featuring two innovative Pevonia delivery systems: Micro-Matrix time-release delivery and Enzymes Freeze-Dried technology, SpaTeen™ Blemished Skin ensures active ingredients target acne at its source through slow ingredient release without common side effects like sensitivity, irritability, and dryness. Experience fast, visible results for a clear complexion and a luminous, even skin tone!

So, like, omigod, I totally thought this was awesome? It worked really well, okay? And it came in, like, a really cute bag and everything?

Sorry. I’ll stop now. A little regression, there. I deeply apologize, and hope you still respect me.

Ahem, no matter how old you are, this is a fabulous collection of products. Excellent ingredients, great formulas and cute, fun packaging. The Cleanser contains salicylic acid (acne-fighter) as well as arnica montana extract (homeopathic extract used for healing and soothing). It has a little bit of scrub, without being harsh. I’m not a big toner user, but this particular Toner felt wonderful and balancing. It’s alcohol-free and also contains salicylic acid; as well as soothing witch hazel, and hydrating hyaluronic acid. The Spot-Treatment delivers a fabulous 1-2-3 punch of benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid and sulfur. And the lotion not only feels soothing, moisturizing and light; but is jam packed with things like micro-matrix organic benzoyl peroxide, micro-matrix organic salicylic acid, lactic acid, vitamin a, vitamin c and arnica montana extract. Wow!

Whether taking care of your own skin or getting a young person off to a good start; these are exceptional products with high quality, natural ingredients.

I’m a big fan of Pevonia’s kits in general. If you check out the website, you’ll find some more awesome combos. And for the product aficionado(s) in your life, there are also plenty of great gift ideas. You can browse products by Body Area, check out the various Product Lines or visit the Beauty Advice and Recommendations section. And while you’re there, remember to check out their giveaways.

Have an awesome weekend!

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