Tuesday, December 8, 2009

My Stash is Running Low: SkinFusion Foundation (review)

It looks like one of my all-time favorite go-to foundations from FusionBeauty is becoming hard to find! Yikes! So I'm going to feature it as my Foundation of the Week (and then go online and stockpile a bunch).

SkinFusion Micro-Technology Bio Active Mineral Intuitive Soft Focus Fluid Foundation

Blurb: Revolutionary New Complexion Technology. (Seriously smart. Seriously bright. Seriously healthy.). Why fake a radiant, healthy complexion when you can jump-start one from within? SkinFusion's Bio Active formulas intuitively target skin's special needs to reveal balanced, bright, ageless, healthy looking radiance. Lightweight + oil-free, allergy tested, non-comedogenic, suitable for all skin types. SkinFusion™ provides everything skin could want... So it can take precisely what it needs. Proprietary Bio Active Mineral blend combines pure Gold with 60 sourced essential minerals and anti-oxidants to activate and boost absorption of nutrients, fight free radicals + rev cell metabolism. Colorless micro-bead technology transforms into sheer, customized coverage. Stimulating peptide blend with anti-bacterial formula purifies, heals blemishes + speeds cell renewal for balance and brightness. Proven muscle inhibitors and botanicals smooth fine lines and wrinkles for instant toning, firming + lifting. Invisiskin™ technology bio adheres for targeted, time-released delivery that calms irritation and inflammation. Tested on scientists, not animals.

I have been nutty over this foundation since the first time I wore it. But I had to be convinced to try it out. In the bottle, it's actually a pale lavender. So I had a hard time believing that it would do anything for me. I was wrong. Very wrong. It went on and the color changed to an exact match of my own skin color. Pretty impressive. It provides light to medium coverage and looks really natural. I also like that it's non-comedogenic, contains minerals, anti-oxidants and sunscreen. But I love that it makes my complexion look glowy. The first time I wore it, my friend commented that my skin was looking great.

Right now, it seems to be available on Amazon. I checked the website, but couldn't find it (boo hoo). But the website still had a bunch of other cool stuff. I'll be going back there as soon as I finish my stockpile run. If you can, I suggest you snap up a bottle or two while there's time.

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