Friday, December 11, 2009

Amazing Deals on Morris Organics!

Here's a chance to get HUGE savings on Morris Organics skincare (awesome natural products - read my review). Check out the info I got…

Hello & Happy Holidays from Morris Organics...

It's been a fantastic year here at Morris Organics, LLC. We've reached many milestones and accomplished several of our goals this year, including: being named Product of the Year 2009 by ShapeYou Top Gear Awards, our many positive reviews from our blogger friends, national magazine placement, and even the many unanticipated celebrity endorsements by some of the top movers and shakers in Hollywood-- Wow, what a year!!

Even with the economy in a down-turn, we've been blessed to be able to reach so many people who are looking for a newer, better, healthier skin care regime. And, experiencing true anti-aging benefits that simply get better the more you use it, well, that's my idea of a good time. The definition of "value" is being redefined these days and I'm so proud that the Avocate SkinCare line really does give "bang" for the buck-- all in a natural, body & Earth friendly formula!

We've been spotted by one of the hottest and newest designer & boutique luxury cosmetics sale websites, They host special "timed sale" events, typically lasting 1-3 days, where you can get amazing deals off of unique, luxury cosmetics & skin care brands. I looove the concept - great deals on amazing products!-- and I've already bought more new makeup than I'll be able to use in a year. (I can get carried away when I see a great deal.) contacted Morris Organics to do a sale, and lucky us, it was hugely successful!

Sale is going on NOW, Dec 9th - Dec 12th.
Don't miss out on your chance to save!!

Check it out, you can save 50% on Avocate SkinCare sets and individual units.


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